Bird Cottage
"The stuff that’s for everyone, that’s easy to click, sniff, share, produce and learn–that stuff ends up having no character. It’s not memorable. Tater tots are for everyone.

But would you miss them if they were gone?

The goal isn’t to serve everyone. The goal is to serve the right people."

-- Seth Godin

Whether it is your work, your art, your website, or your relationships, it doesn't help you at all to know that you can't please everyone. But do use that knowledge to be more distictive, and do better for those who you can please.

"Everyone has the same message. If you can be different, you will lead. If you don't you will fall in with everyone else." -- Cal Newport

"If people see your work as a negative, it means go deeper with it to be more distictive and unique." -- Paul Klean, Artist