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Photo replaced on August 15, 2019
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ĈIELARKO...Arco iris...rainbow...Arc en ciel...Regenbogen...

abstractaon I.4.

abstractaon I.4.

i'm really surprised about the acceptance, the appreciation and the support for my first abstractaon (I.1) on iper and i'm really grateful for ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
this shows that art still has its place on this platform, although some members don't like arts and/or artists and say this very clear.
i won't show all of my abstractaons here, would be too much maybe...i began with I.1, here you see I.4... I.2 and I.3 you may see on my website (link above), soon i will upload there the next series, here on iper i will show you some of them... 8-)

THANKS A LOT again, have fun and good light ! ;-)

p.s.: for I.1 you needed sunglasses after 1 minute of watching, here they are not necessary... :-)

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Thérèse club
Circuits électroniques
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Thérèse club
un peu comme ca... :-)
merci beaucoup, thérèse !
2 years ago.
LutzP club
... wieder eine tolle Abstraktion. Mir fällt dabei spontan ein Mikroprozessor-Die ein. Ist wohl meine Vorprägung dran Schuld!

...and please, go on. this is really appreciated!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to LutzP club
ich habe diese vorprägung nur bedingt, aber mir geht es durchaus ähnlich...
herzlichen dank, lutz, schönen sonntag dir !
2 years ago.
neira-Dan club
excellent !! j'adore ce travail !!
Je suis persuadée moi aussi que l'art a sa place ici
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to neira-Dan club
mille mercis, neira-dan !
l'art devrait avoir sa place partout ! ;-)
2 years ago.
 Dutt Changgle
Dutt Changgle club
Way Cool!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Dutt Changgle club
many thanks, dutt !
2 years ago.
 Erika Akire
Erika Akire club
...und noch eine Farbexplosion...
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Erika Akire club
... aber nicht ganz so explosiv wie I.1... :-)
lieben dank, erika !
2 years ago.
Erika Akire club has replied to .t.a.o.n.
...das schöne an Kunst ist, dass jeder Betrachter es anders interpretiert...
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Erika Akire club
2 years ago.
 Rainer D - Nous Sommes Unis
Rainer D - Nous Somm…
Da muss man einfach inne halten und schauen und nachdenken !!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Rainer D - Nous Somm…
viel freude dabei wünsch ich dir !
vielen dank, rainer !
2 years ago.
Kenny club
Master pieces and well worth a star and a comment Robert;-)enjoy your weekend:)
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Kenny club
enjoy yours, kenny, thanks a lot !
2 years ago.
vero club
surtout ne pas en vouloir Robert, chacun à une vision différente sur l'art, ton travail et artistique ,
un chef d"oeuvre, une explosion de couleurs, un patchwork , merçi pour ce partage, extraordinaire bises Véro
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to vero club
"chacun à une vision différente sur l'art", mais certains ne sont pas intéressés par l'art...
un grand MERCI, chère amie, bon dimanche à toi ! bisous
2 years ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Extraordinary capture!

Admired in:
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to William Sutherland club
many thanks, william !
2 years ago.
I like!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to •●•Line,
that's great, line, thank you very much !
2 years ago.
 Sylvie Coeffic
Sylvie Coeffic club
Lumineuse et optimiste ! :-)
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Sylvie Coeffic club
je suis optimiste, presque toujours... :-)
un grand MERCI, chère sylvie !
2 years ago.
 Armando Taborda
Armando Taborda club
your abstract is crossed by straight lines as they were ways into your dominant blue/green geometrial chaotic world

outstanding as ever
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Armando Taborda club
the straight lines are there to be able to hold on visually not to get lost in the picture... :-)
thank you very much, armando !
2 years ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
Schaltkreise war meine spontane Assoziation. Mir gefällt das scheinbar Chaotische, dass aber durchaus eine Ordnung besitzt. Und natürlich die Farbkomposition. Stimmig ! Tolle Arbeit ! Schönes Wochenende, Robert ! Bin gespannt auf mehr !
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Ulrich John club
schaltpläne können durchaus inspirierend sein, in einem meiner noch nicht veröffentlichten bilder habe ich tatsächlich mit einem gearbeitet... ;-)
jeder ordnung ist das chaos immanent, jedem chaos die ordnung... 8-)
herzlichen dank, ulrich, auch dir ein tolles weekend !
2 years ago.
 Tanja - Loughcrew
Tanja - Loughcrew club
Die Assoziation zum Mikroprozessor kann ich nur ist ein Raum für Bewegung und man sucht Wege hindurch...schön, die farbliche Kühle hier und noch schöner ist, Deine Freude darüber zu lesen Robert ;)
IP hat Raum für Vieles! Ein Foto kann zeigen...ein Foto kann Assoziationen wecken...Lachen machen und noch viel mehr...that´s it ;)
Schönes Wochende und Grüße!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Tanja - Loughcrew club
nach der explosiven hitze von I.1 konnte es nur noch kühler und ruhiger werden... es ist schön, wenn betrachter/innen sich wirklich auf das bild einlassen und visuell "auf die reise gehen", so kann man die räumlichkeit des ganzen nach und nach erschliessen.
auch dir ein happy weekend, tanja, herzlichen dank !
2 years ago.
Guydel club
J'aime !
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Guydel club
merci beaucoup, guydel !
2 years ago.
cammino club
Ordnung im Chaos!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to cammino club
oder chaos in der ordnung... ;-)
lieben dank, cammino !
2 years ago.
Belleuse club
art shapes our urban and home surroundings for centuries. One can dislike one or another image or style, but especially in our times it is difficult not to understand that without art there would not even be color programs for computer use, or the choice of printing fonts or the choice of wallpaper for the wall. The first natural dyes were invented by cave people to paint rocks paintings in the caves and to paint the body ... The entire advertising industry is based on artists' art and experiments. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the program of academy of fine arts or design schools to understand how many areas of life the young artists deal with, to see how they design new houses, clothes, posters, books, interiors, packaging. Art is also an important form of communication from man to man. It's great to see and appreciate your next abstractions, my dear friend ! Unrestrained creativity! I waiting for all series :-) !!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Belleuse club
indeed, art is everywhere and it influences all what is designed and created ! without art culture isn't possible !
thank you so much for this comment, my dear belleuse, for your appreciation and support !
have a great sunday !
2 years ago.
annaig56 club
excellente tant du graphisme que des couleurs qui donne une joie de vivre une bonne humeur,
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to annaig56 club
merci beaucoup, chère a.! bonne journée !
2 years ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
beautiful structures and textures, like a big town life
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Wierd Folkersma club
another nice view ! many thanks, wierd !
2 years ago.
ROL/Photo club
Très beau labyrinthe tout en couleur
excellent travail comme toujours
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to ROL/Photo club
mille mercis, roland !
2 years ago.
 My Awake Gottica (m.a.g)
My Awake Gottica (m.…
You hide exactly the best .... I like the most 2 then 3 very much .... :)
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to My Awake Gottica (m.…
i'm glad to be able to present you 2 and 3 on my website. thank you, m. !
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
H.-Marie club
Die Vielfalt der Farben und Formen sind einzigartig und wunderbar -
Eine Grafik, die festhält.
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to H.-Marie club
das freut mich, liebe heide, herzlichen dank !
2 years ago.
 Diana Australis
Diana Australis club
Hello Robert. I am stunned at this beautiful abstraction......enchanting work!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Diana Australis club
hi, dear diana, thank you very much !
2 years ago.
Heidiho club
2 + 3 .... bin ich doch gleich mal auf der Webseite ....
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Heidiho club
viel spass ! lieben dank, heidi !
2 years ago.
 Janano -
Janano - club
I love this. Especially the colours and the depth!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Janano - club
many thanks, jan !
2 years ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
I find them quite beautiful, very well done.
Have a lovely week Rob.
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
thanks a lot, dear june, enjoy your week, too !
2 years ago.
 yokopakumayoko Francesco
yokopakumayoko Franc…
Thank you for posting your lovely image in the VPU Group

If you cannot see your VPU award, but want to? Please click here
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to yokopakumayoko Franc…
i was invited to post it there... ;-)
many thanks, francesco !
2 years ago.
 Christiane ♥.•*¨`*•✿
Christiane ♥.•*¨`*•✿ club
Comme on dit en français, c'est une véritable "usine à gaz" ! (:o))
... mais je suis presque sûre que tous les "tuyaux" communiquent entre eux et qu'il y a moyen de faire un circuit dans ce labyrinthe ツ
C'est une création infiniment complexe dans la forme et les couleurs, Robert, et j'imagine qu'il a fallu un temps fou pour la réaliser. BRAVO !
Bisous et belle journée.
2 years ago.
 Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨*
Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* club
c'est beau et coloré !****************
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* club
un grand MERCI, chère amie !
2 years ago.
 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
Oh, I missed this one during the past weeks!

It looks like a printed circuit board ;-)

And that is cool!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Sami Serola club
you're not the first with this idea... ;-)
many thanks, sami !
2 years ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
This Lovely image was viewed in my favourite group
Thank you for posting in Vigilant Photographers Unite
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
it was a pleasure for me to post it there ! ;-)
2 years ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Thank you for sharing your exceptional creation with us,
here in ✴ Digital Dreams ✴
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
2 years ago.
HelenaPF club
J'adore cette seconde abstraction encore plus belle que la première! Vraiment tu excelles autant dans l'abstraction que dans le réalisme teinté d'abstraction bien sûr! Bisous mon ami très cher!
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to HelenaPF club
la vie est assez concrète, dans notre imagination nous pouvons créer notre propre monde... ;-)
merci beaucoup, chère helena !
2 years ago.
 Gisela Plewe
Gisela Plewe club
Schaltungen, konkret und im übertragenen Sinn.
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Gisela Plewe club
nicht ganz so kompliziert wie unser gehirn, aber kompliziert genug... :-)
herzlichen dank, gisela !
2 years ago.
Valfal club
Wow, Rob, another beautiful abstract; thank you for sharing your talent with us! :-)
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Valfal club
it's a pleasure, dear valerie, thank you very much !
2 years ago.
C'est splendide avec toutes ces couleurs.
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Martine
un grand MERCI, martine !
2 years ago.
mei... ist das schön! ich mag dieses spiel der dinge, glg manfred
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to
das freut mich, manfred, dankeschön !
2 years ago.
 Jadviga Grase
Jadviga Grase club
Great job..... so multicolored and clear !
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Jadviga Grase club
thank you very much, dear jadviga !
2 years ago.
 Leiela (MCR)
Leiela (MCR)
Ĝi estas mirindaĵo, belega abstrakta arto.
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Leiela (MCR)
karon dankon, kara leiela !
22 months ago.
 Leo W
Leo W club
sehr schön, erinnert mich an Datenfluss
2 years ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Leo W club
da fliesst so manches... ;-)
herzlichen dank, leo !
22 months ago.
das digitale zeitalter....... traumhaft schön! gruss manfred
22 months ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to
danke dir, manfred !
22 months ago.
 Eric Desjours
Eric Desjours club
A modern version of Klee's art of combining colours, geometric shapes and the purest poetry.
Today, it must deal with electronic poetry and converges towards these printed circuits beyond the reach of human understanding....
14 months ago.
.t.a.o.n. has replied to Eric Desjours club
indeed, it would be interesting to see what klee would paint today... and others... ;-)
many thanks, eric !
14 months ago.
 Eric Desjours
Eric Desjours club
I sincerely believe that Art has a good place within ipernity.
Fractals, one of the emanations of both digital and modern art, have a significant place in it (I am thinking of helenapf and others). But classical as well as contemporary art are expressed here and find constant votes.
Thank you for finding a showcase there, like some others: this can only reinforce the openness of minds but also the influence of the site.

14 months ago. Edited 14 months ago.
iper and art... stuff for a bigger discussion, but just a few words about:

there's maybe a small corner still in iper, but the times when art had a "significant place" here, are over since a long time. and reading the discussions in the newsflashs (this i do more or less regularly from outside), doesn't make iper attractive for artists - the contrary...
to "reinforce the openness of minds" (as you express it) can be an effect of art, but it's not its job.
art settles down in internet where the minds are open for it and the conditions are the right ones, or it finds new places...

let me be honest, eric - i'm still here (and from time to time active) because of my friends who are still here, and because i have a personal artistic history here.
14 months ago.

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