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normally i publish images in my "friend's area" only, but of course on www.taonarts.com, too ! ;-) this image is public, because i miss more and more some reasonable thinking in this world, more and more people are following populists and/or they're voting for sexists, racists and liars... that's what i wanted to say in a public way... to get access to my "friend's area" here, you may ask for - if you're interested in this kind of art... btw: this image is available in the size 40 x 50 cm in a frame 50 x…


not in "explore" (because censored by iper administration), but on www.taonarts.com ;-)

just another rainy day

it's spring... ;-) the other rainy day: not on www.taonarts.com (because it's not art) ;-)

urban sceneries - marseille


flowing thoughts


urban sceneries - lodz

we always behold history through our modern glasses... www.taonarts.com



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