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By Belleuse

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Save your dreams... ( A.Modigliani)

Santana- She's Not There www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoz8iXjfH4Y more here : www.magwojart.wordpress.com

By Ulrich John

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By Ulrich John

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Städel Museum, Frankfurt

By Ulrich John

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Wandern in der Wetterau

Saturday Self-Challenge: Rule of Thirds

By Ulrich John

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Morning Dew

Better large !

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By Ulrich John

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No. 2

The picture was taken in Agde/Herault

By Ulrich John

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The picture was taken in Lyon

By Ulrich John

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A Fence for Friday

HFF Ipernians all over the world ! Have a very nice Friday and enjoy your weekend ! I send you a lot of greetings and good vibes from grey and cold Frankfurt !

By Ulrich John

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Guten Appetit

Saturday Self-Challenge: Dishes and Dinnerware
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