Posted on 08/22/2010

Photo taken on August 17, 2010

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northern michigan

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the gods are crazy

the gods are crazy
the high priest wants another sacrifice to ba'al.
another one? man, we've done so many today!
yeah, I know. but he's on a roll.
shit, larry, we're gonna run out of nubile virgins!
tell me about it. actually, the last 3 were fakes.
yeah. not actually virgins. don't tell anyone.
but ba'al demands virgins! that's his thing!
maybe he won't notice. maybe he'll get tired.
tired? ba'al can get tired? of virgins?
I hope so. because he ain't gonna like the next batch.
where are you finding them?
the after-school soccer mom meeting.
oy. well, I guess they'll just have to do.
hey, they look pretty good to me.
yeah, but you are such a horndog.
very true. now go get the next willing victim.

GRANAD'A, mad.melon (the girl who was dead) have particularly liked this photo

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Klaus W.
Klaus W.
The gods are crazy, and we try hard to save our common sense. Right you are.
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Klaus W.
I let others try and save their common sense.
I lost mine a long time ago. ;-)
7 years ago.
Klaus W.
Klaus W.
" I let others try and save their common sense.
I lost mine a long time ago. ;-)" - Congratulations. Hmm- I can imagine you're right, possibly the only way to cope with a world that's gone mad...
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Klaus W.
if idiocy is what it takes,
then I must be coping perfectly. ;-)
7 years ago.
the "circle" is in fact the artifact of an ancient city
built by aliens the size of bugs,
for whom the stones were big as houses,
providing them with more than adequate protection
from the dinosaurs or other local threats to their survival.
in fact, their advanced technological skill
allowed them to construct the city in such a way
that it has survived all these millennia,
even through the great ice age,
when lake michigan
and all the other great lakes
were carved out by advancing glaciers.

the manual does have chapters as you imagine.
but was written by the ancients in their native tongue.
it isn't actually a "book" the way we think of a book,
but is more of a series of interconnecting beams of light
and other particle waves,
combined with various base elements
that one might find
in any decent hardware store
or hair salon.
I stumbled upon it one day,
while cleaning out my garage.
had forgotten about it for eons.
that certainly brought back some fond memories,
I can tell you.
7 years ago.