• working vacation

    darling, lunch is ready. oh, goody. what are we having? foie gras and chips. your favorites. dreamy. but I'm sorry. I forgot the champagne. oh, well do go get it, sweetie. let's not spoil lunch. but it's 10 miles. I'll still be here when you get back. don…

  • village

    stanley? what is that man doing? what man, dear? see? in that window? stanley! that man isn't wearing pants! put the binoculars down, edna.

  • meltdown

    we found the space capsule, sir. where is it? at the bottom. giving off radioactivity. damn those bugs.why'd they have to come here anyway? shall we haul it up? yeah. I'll deal with anything on board that's still alive. how, sir? with this flamethrower, s…

  • primordial ooze. that's mr. ooze to you.

  • they watch

    we come in peace, earthling. yeah, right. no, really! we do! well then, what's that thing you're holding? this? oh, it's nothing. a mere fashion bauble. what's it do? oh, it does emit a powerful death ray, I guess. a what? capable of liquifying most carbo…

  • before time was time

  • safe house

    watcha wanna do today, marty? I dunno. watcha wanna do today, mikey? wanna steal some h-bomb secrets? nah, I can't. mom says I gotta be home. yeah. me too I guess. tomorrow though? ok, sure.

  • epiphany

  • backwater

    6 minutes and counting, sire. excellent. have the earthlings detected our presence? not at all, your magnificence. they are oblivious. hah hah hah. they will learn a cruel lesson then. ion bombing is now imminent, your grace. that these humans have no win…

  • martha

    are you ready? I've always been ready. good. me too.

  • WAR IS OVER! if you want it

    And so this is Christmas For weak and for strong For rich and the poor ones The world is so wrong And so happy Christmas For black and for white For yellow and red ones Let's stop all the fight A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let's hope it's a…

  • temple

    blow on it. if it's all the same to you, herr doktor, I'd rather not. I have allergies. it's ok. you can do it. this is my special creation. you created this? it kinda big, isn't it? yes. and these seeds will spread for miles. but they are unique in natur…

  • martha

    comfy? yes, very. me too. I thought so.

  • body snatchers

    they're all loaded. good. hit the road. we've got a lot of deliveries tonight. yeah. fresh pods. for fresh humans. they'll never know what happened. right. they're asleep. asleep and unaware. ok, get going. we still have work to do. by next week, this pla…

  • my turn

    wanna rub my back, sweetie? sure darlin'. lower. like that? like that.

  • what's up there

    sidney, there's something up there. nonsense, ethel. it's just a bridge. I know I saw something sidney. hey, what was that noise? sidney! LOOK OUT! OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT IS THAT THING?! sidney! I want to go home! now! just as soon as I get loose from these t…

  • no way out

  • the way

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