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  • Metaphysics

    what are you doing today, joey? I'm examining the nature of the universe, existence and being. that's cool. I'm gonna make a sandwich, and then I think I'll wash my underwear. sounds productive. hey, I'm ambitious that way.

  • Stupidity is Contagious

    good morning, herr doktor. ah, there you are, my boy. just in time to help with my latest research. sure. what is it? I'm measuring the amount of relative pain one suffers while gazing at an ugly picture, as opposed to a pretty picture, while at the same…

  • FIDO

    you see what I'm seein', al? dispatch told us it was an ungodly mess. yeah, but if I wasn't lookin' at it, I'd never believe it. it's our crime scene. what the hell are we supposed to do? FIDO. yeah? yeah. fuck it. drive on. is that departmental policy?…

  • upriver

    sir! aerial reconnaissance shows the enemy is closing in! rubbish! I see no evidence of that! just a pleasant summer evening. it's a sneak attack, sir! put that latte down! I mean, sir! you better be right, corporal, or I'll. . .my god! what is that? it's…

  • control freak

    you doing ok? huh? oh yeah. I. . . um. . . I. . . got this. ok good. for a second there you were looking a little out of control. what? no way! yeah, you're right. my mistake. totally!

  • eggsistentialism

    why are we here? man, whatchoo mean? we here for this. what is this? this! this right here! we are here for this! shit. that's deep. course it is! and don't forget it.

  • track your package

    what time's the train? any minute now. will the package be on it? it better be. how will we recognize it? it will be tall, blond, with two big, beautiful. . . eyes? you got it. shouldn't be too hard to spot. that's what I'm thinking.

  • Ideology

    you know, mike, early on I had this world all figured out. how's that, donny? I decided I'm entitled to get mine, and screw the rest. still works now. I see. is that outlook based on any particular policy or evidence? that's the screw the rest part. get m…

  • disciple

    your chariot is here, lord. chariot? are you kidding, archangel? I haven't ridden in one of those in. . . ages. yes I'm kidding. it's a '34 chrysler! hey, now that is one sweet machine. can I drive? you're the lord, lord. how can I say no? true. ok then.…

  • Heaven Can Wait

    good morning, lord. it's a perfect one, archangel. have you enjoyed your vacation here? immensely. in fact, I'm staying. you are? this is heaven, as far as I'm concerned. but lord. do you think that's wise? what's the worst thing that can happen? the raci…

  • Sports Fan

    so I hear neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light. yeah? you know what that means, don't you? what? it means time travel is possible, you idiot! no shit! gee, where would we go? for starters, we could watch the game again! why would you want…

  • that's fine

    thanks for letting me wear your shirt. I like it. me too. on you.

  • homeland security

    whatcha doin', frank? I'm setting up for the attack. attack? what attack? don't you know? the north koreans, man! they're coming! they are? so what's all this? I'm gonna be ready for 'em. they won't know what hit 'em. but frank, this stuff. it's, like, 19…

  • 2+2 Is On My Mind

    did you bring anything to eat? yeah, I did. a sandwich. was it salami and cheese? yeah. with spicy mustard? on rye? sliced in half? yeah. how'd you know? I ate it. what? my sandwich? yeah. got anything to drink?

  • dream cruiser

    hey vinny. new ride? yeah joey. hop in. let's go. where to? I'm thinking california. like right now? you got someplace else you gotta be? well, no. but what about gas money? that's why you're here, right? nice. very nice.

  • Donald Donaldovitch

    when do we arrive in Moscow? in less than an hour, sir. is my hotel room reserved? it's all arranged. the same suite as last time. great. you wish the same. . . entertainment? that depends. will VP be there? er. . . eventually, yes. then by all means. he…

  • urbicide

    I suddenly know what I'm majoring in at school. yeah? yeah. so my advice is you start looking for another place to live. why? I like it here. not for long, you won't.

  • half-assed

    it's done, boss. take a look. ok. hey! what's this? you like? nice open air, perfect for dining al fresco. what? it's supposed to be a vault! you know, for our loot? where's the roof? loot? oh. I thought you said 'lute.' why would you ever think that? um,…

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