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  • modern life

    I'm cleaning out that crap in the basement, edna. not my fabulous antiques and artifacts! a fixation with material objects is not healthy, edna. but they mean so much to me! the memories! oh yeah? do you remember when we met? well yes, sort of. what was I…

  • bus stop

    good morning, ed. how's it going? fine, mark. except my bus is late. bus? you catch a bus here? yeah, the 8:15. can't understand what's keeping it. uh, ed, I don't think that bus runs here anymore. you're kidding! guess I'll have to hitch a ride. hitch? w…

  • motherhood

    what a cute baby! what's his name? we're not sure, but we like Ernie. baby Ernie! it's perfect! yes, well, we'll see.

  • reconnaissance

    they'll attack here. power up the recon equipment. equipment? did we bring any? of course not! it's right here! get on it! right. but how do I. . . power it up? are you blind? you move this rock; then this piece of wood. uh, sure. maybe I'll add a rock or…

  • door prize

    knock knock. who's there? you have to ask?

  • speed demon

    is the car ready? all warmed up and waiting for you boss. did you get me a fast one this time? like a bat outa hell. that last getaway car was an antique. a joke. oh. an antique? that ancient thing got me put away for 5 years. I sure don't want that to ha…

  • second glance

    is it time? it's always time. good.

  • quantum equivalents

    hey man, how's it going? don't ask. my girlfriend moved out. wow, that sucks. yeah, but it feels like she's still here. yeah, how?. I can feel her blow-drying her hair. really? yeah, and eating. and. . . kissing. damn. I don't even want to think what that…

  • third-body problem

    hey, joey. what's up, sal? joey, you been hanging around my girl? me? no way. you know, me and her relate in a very certain way. yeah? and a third person would mess that all up. I don't want that. me neither. it would get all out of whack. that's not good…

  • new order

    my boy, one day this will all be yours. really? you mean it's yours now? yes. awesome, isn't it? totally. you've done wonders with it. it was nothing. so I see.

  • red army faction

    how do you like your new car, edna? I love it, stanley. it's so classic! only one prior owner, too. I figure he must have been German. oh really? someone named Baader-Meinhof. I wonder who that is. there's something in the glove box. what is it? it says '…

  • inferno

    what is this place? you mean you don't know? oh my god! we're in hell. aren't we? dude. relax. we're not in hell. get it together. when did we die? oh god. I miss my family. you're not dead. you've had too much to drink. I never got to say goodbye. sob. o…

  • the wolf man

    it's in here. no way. I can feel it. it's definitely here. don't kid around. you're freaking me out. I'm not kidding. it told me it would be here. it told you? it . . . speaks? to you? I told it I'd bring a treat. treat? what kind of treat? you. I'm the t…

  • deconstruction blues

    what can I get you, friend? coffee, thanks. I'm here to take a last look. I don't blame you. it's on its way out. after all these years. better make it to go. you got it. I think I need a smoke. progress. that's what they call it. yeah. sucks.

  • night feed

    turn off the geiger counter. I know it's in there. it is? I don't see a thing. private! see anything over there? nothing sir. . . holy shit what the fuck is that?!! get back!! something's got me!! shoot it! aim for the eyes! eyes? where the fuck are the…

  • artificial intelligence

    what's happening, man? I got a big test tomorrow. gotta get ready. so you're hitting the books? books? no way. I'm taking a few of these. pills? oh yeah. they get me totally focused. but have you read the material? well, no. and that's your plan? yeah! aw…

  • guide

    do you have a map? map? I have no need of maps. I have a perfect sense of direction. oh? how's your sense of time? somewhat limited, I'm afraid. so that's why we've been wandering in these woods for days? have we? could be. definitely could be.

  • logarithm

    the lookouts are in place, sir. good. are they experienced? from top to bottom. and dependable? oh yes, for them it's like falling off a log. I feel much better. me too.

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