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  • chick magnet v.3

    get in, darlin' where we going? actually, nowhere. I just need to see you sitting in my car. saves money on gas, don't it? I'm a very practical guy.

  • devotion

    may I help you, stranger? yeah. I'm here to pray. I got a lotta prayin' to do. excellent. the priest will be here shortly to minister to you. I don't want him. where's the high priestess? where she at? get her out here. priestess? are you sure you're in t…

  • machu beachu

    I have some bad news, sir. yes? what is it? it's been 3 days since we sent a man to reconnoiter these rocks, and he has not returned. just as I feared. these ancient rocks will not give up their secrets easily. his last message was a bit garbled. somethi…

  • blues with a feeling

    here it is. it finally arrived. the end of august. the end of another summer, dammit. it sucks all right. but it's going out with a bang. not much of a consolation, you ask me. I'll pass your disappointment on to the lord, next time I see him. do that, wo…

  • password

    it's time. where is he? don't worry. he'll be here. how will we recognize him? he'll be feeding the pigeons. hell, everybody's feeding the damn pigeons. and wearing a clown nose. oh, that's subtle. was that your idea? it's much easier than trying to remem…

  • time the avenger

    I thought we were going to a party. we are. all my friends are here. and I suppose they're all the quiet type? how could you tell? just a wild guess.

  • torture chamber

    what's this place? I thought you were taking me out for dinner. oh, it's where I perform my . . . studies. you'll see. see what? I'm hungry. let's eat. just lie down on this bench. this won't take but a second. are you nuts? what kind of first date is thi…

  • life is just a dream. or so they tell me.

    which way should we go? I dunno. you choose. how about we just make footprints in the sand. see where that takes us? works for me.

  • breathless

    I going for a jog in the woods. wanna come? nah. I already had my exercise for the day. yeah? what was that? well, let's see. I got up. went outside. had a smoke. walked down to the road. picked up the paper. walked back. had another smoke. and. . . that'…

  • blue collar

    how's the new job? on the line 8 hours a day. doing the same thing, over and over. day after day. your mind goes completely numb, and you dread coming back the next day, doing it all again. sounds like a great job yeah, I love it

  • inland empire

    how was your vacation, lord? very enjoyable, archangel. perfect, in fact. it helps to get away for a while. indeed. I don't suppose you ran into ba'al while you were there. ba'al? that imposter? certainly not! why would I? well it seems that he's been buy…

  • on target

    I'm zeroing in on you. it's about time. you mean. . . you like it? of course, you dope.

  • the collector

    I want to show you my collection. collection of what? oh, this and that, you know. where is this collection of yours? it's down in my basement. c'mon! you don't have anything hidden down there, do you? hidden? like what? like people, for instance. nah! I…

  • hyper-drive

    centurion: alert the crew that we are approaching earth. yes, master. we'll dock in the middle of that city. won't we be spotted? I mean, we're an arcuturan star craft. have no fear. this new design of ours is perfect. the humans will never even see us. w…

  • eat my dust

    hey, man. your place is looking good. yeah, I'm cleaning up. trying to simplify. your life isn't simple already? well, sleeping in the trunk of a car has its issues. I can imagine. probably some major issues. that's what my ex said last night. she left yo…

  • disappear in me

    can you see the future? no. can you? yes I can. am I in it? yes you are. with you? all the way. I knew that. I thought you couldn't see the future. I lied. I don't mind.

  • world without end

    I've just returned from earth, archangel. oh? was it an enjoyable trip, lord? yes and no. it certainly is a beautiful place. one of your best works, lord. with the possible exception of hum…

  • charlie don't surf

    grab a board, dude. good 8-footers out there. I don't know, man, could get kinda hairy. you're not gonna make me do this alone, are you? no, but this is charlie's beach! charlie don't surf! seems to me I've heard that somewhere before. could be.

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