Group: Rochers / Rocks


Ischigualasto - red walls

Beach alligator

Talampaya Gorge - El Tótem

Ischigualasto - desert

Ischigualasto - El Submarino

Hinter dem Eisvorhang

I am not amused ... !!

From swingbridge

Mountain stream. Sierra de La Cabrera

From Jones Landing

Weich wie Moos - hart wie Stein (3 x PiP)

La Sierra de La Cabrera

Stieglitz (PiP)

In the Harbour of New Plymouth.

FOR ANDY --Leaning Into the Eternal Waves

Sheep And Lambs

Outside Taumarunui Police Station.

Dry Land shadow play

Ruapuke Beach

Altona Beach Wildlife On The Rocks.

Lavakugeln am Strand

Mystery of the black cave

Hilltop Rock