Group: Rochers / Rocks

Rings Loop Trail

Valley, Rocks And Hills.

La Sierra de La Cabrera,

Namibia, Huge Boulders in the Mowani Mountains



in den Wind gestellt ...

On the Rocks.

Seagul Enjoying The Sun,

Small thrust and footwall syncline

Extentional faults detail: Saundersfoot south

Extentional faults: Saundersfoot south

Zwei junge Alpen-Murmeltiere ... sehr neugierig !

Lattice Windows sea arches and Barafundle Bay

Sandy Pit doline panorama

Box Bay with caves

Callanish Stones, HFF

Victoria Bay bedding planes in Silurian sandstones

Victoria Bay and Skokholm Island

St Brides Haven solifluction deposit

Druidston Haven: Cliff Section 6 interpretation

Druidston Haven: Cliff Section 4 interpretation

Druidston Haven: Cliff Section 1 interpretation

Gathering Of Water Birds.