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  • it's here

    did you see it? where? below that ripple. it just came up for air. it's there right now. what is it? I dunno, but it was huge. how huge? huge enough that you would be no more than a light snack. ok, I've heard enough. I'm outta here. right behind you.

  • beachhead

    man, when will this fog ever lift? what gives you the idea that this is fog, son? well, I don't know. . . it looks like fog. it's them. make no mistake. they're here. them? it's gonna be a battle of civilizations, count on it. but. . . to the winner goes…

  • fishy reeds

    what's fishy about it? can't you see? see what? the fish, ya moron. where? oh forget it.

  • symmetry

    are you busy, Lord? for you, archangel? of course not. I thought you'd like to maybe visit your favorite lake. oh? and how is it doing these days? well, the humans haven't destroyed it yet. that's a shock. I thought we could go to the beach. hang out. you…

  • blue monday

    what should we do today, marty? I dunno lenny. what do you want to do today? how about we fire that atlas ICBM missile we found yesterday? ok. then what'll we do after that? I dunno. run like hell, probably. then we better eat first. good idea.

  • another lake sunset

    they're comin' in low, sarge. yeah, I see 'em. can't hardly believe it. angels. hundreds of 'em! whatta we do now, sarge? we watch, and feel lucky.

  • carpe diem

    I keep thinking we're going the wrong way. what, you don't think I know how to get there? well, we've been walking a long time. so? and you said it wasn't far. well then, why don't you just wait here for the bus. I think I will. can I borrow the fare?

  • pyramid point

    you can almost see it. see what, louie? where we're going tomorrow. we're going out there? yeah, us and another guy. yeah? we going fishing? no, we're feeding the fish. what are we feeding them with? the other guy. he's gonna be fish food. interesting cho…

  • life is tough

    who brought the cookies? didn't you? what? you mean there's no cookies? I guess not. have an apple. damn it! I've been thinking about those oreos for hours! I feel your pain. don't mock me, woman. I wouldn't think of it.

  • antediluvian blues

    your creation is taking shape, lord. yes, I think I might like this world. I hope so, lord. the last one was a total mess. what did you just say, archangel? I mean, it was the best, lord! the best! hmmm. ok. cue the volcanos. I like lava. me too, lord.

  • look out

    hey, man, mind if I set up my sleeping bag here? actually, yes. I slept here last night, and I expect to sleep here again tonight. so don't even think about it. ok, thanks hey, what did I just say? I am sleeping here tonight. not you. but I found it first…

  • command post

    we have them surrounded, sire. excellent. arm the ionizing narcolepser. at once, your worshipfulness. now the earthlings will feel my awesome power. as they should, your magnificence. pity they don't have exoskeletons like us. why, sire? I love crunchy fo…

  • thirst

    how are we getting there? we'll take the canoe. across the lake? it's not that far. will you paddle? sure. ok, hand me my pillow? and my drink, thanks. my pleasure, beautiful.

  • before time was time

    sarge says we gotta take this guy in for questioning. don't get near him. he'll bite your head off. not a chance. look at him! he's petrified! I'm telling you, ed, watch out. how would you know that? I went to high school with him? he was notorious. you d…

  • passage to a lost world

    is it far? we're almost there. what will it look like? like nothing you've ever seen before. will I like it? I promise you will. ok daddy.

  • petrified

    be careful with that thing. what do you mean? it took forever to corral it. it's a beast. hey, man. it's petrified wood. it's dead. D.E.A.D. ok, I'm warning you. it'll bite your head off.

  • apocalypse

    is it the end? not at all. just the beginning. the beginning of what? move over here and I'll show you. mmm. ok.

  • rossini

    what's that tune? the thieving magpie by rossini, why? it's catchy, that's all. but where's it coming from? oh, those bugs. they like to play opera. bugs? playing opera? yeah, they think it messes with our heads. mess with our heads? they're bugs! siniste…

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