Posted on 09/19/2010

Photo taken on August 25, 2009

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northern michigan

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hear them, comrade?
yes. they've let the dogs out. they're tracking us.
we better find the frontier soon, or we're done for.
good thing I brought my compass, eh?
how did you get one of those?
at the american store. it came in a breakfast cereal box.
what is a compass doing in a box of cereal?
those americans. they must really think ahead.
you could have fooled me.
yeah, who knew?

NobouK, Mia de Fleur have particularly liked this photo

could you send me a box of cereals, please?
i really want a compass too!
and could you please tell me, what is the meaning from "oblast"?

and then: this is not a natural wood, isn´t it?
i mean, the trees stand there like soldiers.
maybe that´s why you wrote this tag-story.
most i like the tree in the 7. row. don´t know why.
but must there always be a reason?
(only rhetorically asking of course :)
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to diejacqui
your compass is on the way.
and I'll even throw in a super-secret decoder ring,
at no extra charge!

your class lesson for the day: "oblast."
A type of administrative division in Slavic countries,
including some of the countries of the former Soviet Union.
so now you know.

no, these are not real trees.
they are, in fact, insurgents
from the cassiopeia galaxy,
garrisoned here for centuries,
awaiting the signal
to drop pine cones indiscriminately
and all over the place,
making a real mess.
not that they intend to do us any harm.
those cassiopeians are just
unrepentant practical jokers.
not that I'm related to any of them, of course.
7 years ago.
thank you for the lesson.
your are a good teacher.
good teachers are rare.

oblast - i admit, i have never heard
it before. and because the trees really
are not real trees, i, at first, thought
about a potemkin village.

a super-secret decoder ring?
not neccessary, but thank you :)
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to diejacqui
you never know.
a secret decoder ring is one of those things
that can come in handy
when you are least expecting it.
so I'll hold onto yours for now,
in case you change your mind.
you don't have to thank me.
just part of my job.
you know,
as your ipernitypal.
7 years ago.
Mia de Fleur
Mia de Fleur
love it!
7 years ago.