Posted on 09/16/2010

Photo taken on July 15, 2007

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pardon me, but where is this place?
whaddya mean. can't you read?
oh, yes, of course. I see that. but where is this place?
this place is right where you're standin', bub.
yes, but, you don't understand. where is it?
oh, I get it. well, it's in the milky way galaxy.
amid some 47 other galaxies, like andromeda and triangulum.
ok, got it. that makes it about 3 megaparsecs to get home. great. thanks.
so, you taking this train?
no, afraid not. it doesn't go to my stop.
figure'd you'd say that.

I love this tiled letters...
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to gin_able
me too, G
7 years ago.
wow! there are so many meanings
in prince-street.
like princes treet. treet is norwegian for tree.
so it is a prince-tree.
you also can say:
pr. incest.
i hope, "pr" stands not for "pre".
what a pitty, that there is no princess,
but at least prince st. (exupéry).

i´m sure, this was the reason for you
to take this picture.
because you are so lyrical.
for wich i want to give you a kiss.
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to diejacqui
where there is a prince,
there must also be a princess, somewhere.
I hope.
and if you ever visit prince street
you will see why someone (like me)
can find it it to be a totally lyrical place.
even in the subway station.
7 years ago.
diejacqui has replied to honeyj
good to know
7 years ago.