Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht

04 Aug 2004 86
This plaque hangs in a street that was named after mr. Liebknecht, now it is called Shovkovychna. These are pictures taken during my holiday in Kiev in August 2004. Pictures of Kiev that were already in my flickr photostream have been digitally remastered and the best versions have been oploaded.

Budapest sign

01 Aug 2005 126
A rather complicated sign in Budapest, probably advising you to wait for the green light before you cross the road, and, should you encounter a red light, to press the button. The red man is a body builder, but the green man has a strange elongated body and very short legs.

Budapest street sign

01 Aug 2005 124
The hand points at the way where the street number is. Click here to see where this photo was taken.

Vienna sign

01 Aug 2005 112
Translation: Pedestrians watch out for horse-drawn carriages! ONLY WALK SPEED! Drivers of heavy carriages have to lead their horses by the reins or to send a adult in front to warn the pedestrians. Click here to see where this photo was taken.

goed-beter-best Kaas van Cors Overdevest

18 Mar 2006 139
translation: Good-better-best Cheese of Cors Overdevest on a cheese-and-dairy-products-selling merchant on the Saturday market in Leiden


24 Mar 2006 72
translation: No backing up onto the road

Spending an afternoon in Scheveningen

30 Apr 2006 74
No admittance

Spending an afternoon in Scheveningen

30 Apr 2006 75
No drinking (beer from big glasses with a handle), no playing loud music from your car or moped, no camping and oh, you have to pay to park (€ 1,90 an hour).

A day in the country: Announcement of the pub in L…

22 May 2006 97
allo, allo

A day in the country: part of the menu of the pub…

22 May 2006 90
Biggenhap, van de grill zoals altijd lekker dus

Announcement in a shop in Leiden. Untranslatable

22 May 2006 95
The announcement is untranslatable because it is incomprehensible in Dutch. Directly translated it means: "New collection !! Black out dust" or "New collection !! Black out cloth"

Cats rejoice: scratching poles are on sale!

31 May 2006 72
krabpalen in de aktie

Workshop open

Miscellaneous German shots: Do not insult the refe…

10 Jun 2006 94
Viersen Sports Stadium

Miscellaneous German shots: Verboten and Nicht Ges…

10 Jun 2006 121
Click here to see where this photo was taken.

Miscellaneous German shots: Parking along the Auto…

10 Jun 2006 111
Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).

Combatting the growing problem of strange bikes

17 Jun 2006 125
translation: Do not place strange bikes here! They will be removed.

Academy Building of Leiden University just before…

28 Jun 2006 67
I like the letters.

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