Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Oldtimer Day Ruinerwold: Speed bumps especially fo…

Preparing for the celebration of Leiden's Relief:…

14 Sep 2007 93
Every October 3 the city of Leiden celebrates the relief of the siege by the Spaniards in 1574. There is a large fair, so the cars have to go.

Verboden aanteleggen

No Coca-Cola today

16 Sep 2007 56
Translation: "Dear customer, Coca-Cola has increased extremely the cost price of the 1.5 litre Coca-Cola and Fanta bottles without a demonstrable reason. Albert Heijn does not want to increase its prices as a consequence. Therefore this product is temporarily not available in our range of products. As an alternative we offer you one of the other Cola brands and a special offer of certain 1 litre Coca-Cola & Fanta bottles. You can recognise these from the shelf cards. Coca-Cola & Fanta 1 litre, several varieties, 3 bottles now € 2,79 Albert Heijn" Note: Coca-Cola had already increased its prices from about € 1 to € 1,50 for 1.5 litre to let the customer pay for a new kind of bottle. My advice: don't drink it, it is bad for your teeth.

A night in Amsterdam: Don't hold a bottle horizont…

Old sign: no left turn (except for bicycles)

18 Nov 2007 54
The modern Euro-standardised sign would give you a obligatory direction (to the right in this case).

Eén Helder tarief

Uw naaimachinecentrum

04 Dec 2007 60
"Wie naait nog thuis?"

Give Way

06 Dec 2007 109
In the United States it would say "Yield".

a.k.a. stairs

Bywater Street, Chelsea, London

Voor slecht € 10

12 Dec 2007 64
Geen koffie meer.

Running area for dogs only

Old street sign in Leiden: Cole Canal

28 Dec 2007 69
The Cole Canal has long ceased to be a real canal.

No parking in the Falcon Alley due to calamities

Old traffic sign warning against running children

22 Jan 2008 65
The new euro-style traffic sign has two sexless stickmen in different sizes. The bag has gone too, together with the short trousers.

The old running-children traffic sign coupled with…

23 Jan 2008 71
I don't think there is a euro-style traffic sign for geese.

Mailmen, pizza delivery boys and bailiffs, this is…

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