Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Example of the discretionary plural with a noun of…

Knightsbridge station

This sign is funny for Dutch people

Telephone less

Dangerous wet grass in the form of an oil slick

07 Apr 2007 69
Crab people can fall down.

Wegens omstandigheden

Enjoy the Spanish holiday feeling

You approach the crossroads

Sign – Lightning gives you a bell-bottomed trouser…

Danger: Quicksand

23 May 2007 93
When I was young, quicksand was the stuff of comics and movies. Now I found some real quicksand. I didn't try it out. I fail to see how wearing safety goggles, ear protection and a helmet will help you in the quicksand.


Parking for the church

28 May 2007 78
No trespassing

Limited menu

Holiday day 2: Second hotel – sign in the room

Mr. Stick walks with his bicycle

Mr. Stick walks down the stairs

Holiday day 3: Popular sign

Holiday day 4: Shrine for a traffic victim

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