Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


All our menus are served with SAUCE

23 Apr 2008 59
I think it is general sauce

Here died Boerhaave

23 Apr 2008 59
Boerhaave was a famous physician in the Netherlands, who focused on practical medicine, instead on relying on classical sources.

Train journey to London: Don't stick long objects…

27 Apr 2008 62
You might be electrocuted.

People with umbrellas be careful

28 Apr 2008 86
You might prick yourself in your leg.

Clifford's Tower in York: I wonder how the soldier…

Sign waiting for another trip hazard to occur

For your comfort

01 May 2008 96
Hardly comfortable, all those regular checks by the First Capital Connect Revenue Protection Inspectors (FCCRPI) in and out of uniform. In the end, I wasn't checked at all.

Cambridge: Don't run with a fish - Beware of smell…

Cambridge: For 15 please ring 14

Cambridge: Walk in a circle

Cambridge: The inventor of Parcel Post

Notice at Waterloo Station

Go to the right for the NORTH

Traffic police still uses analog

Tresspassers will be shot

Central Electricity Generating Board

03 May 2008 78
Long since privatised

Danger Drop

This is not a brothel

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