Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht




Algemene voeding

There is wine and "wine". Here you drink WINE. Per…

The Catholic University of Leuven owns a lot of ol…

17 Feb 2008 87
The University of Leuven was founded in 1425, 150 years before the Leiden University, so Leuven proudly calls itself the oldest university of the Low Countries, whilst Leiden boasts of being the oldest university of the Netherlands.

Don't put the mail in the letter box, because our…

Here we improve your library

17 Feb 2008 84
The "your library" is remarkable. University libraries for years were bent on keeping grubby student hands of the books, now they call themselves "your library".

By order of the police it is FORBIDDEN to place bi…

This lift is out of order, but it is not our respo…

A visit to Artis zoo

A visit to Artis zoo: no entrans

Nicht qualmen!

06 Apr 2008 51
Do not smoke (probably a sign for steam locomotives)

Special Children's Train

Sign for signals to crane drivers

Read today's newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee

Strange clinic Is closed Because of Congress

23 Apr 2008 52
No, this isn't a clinic where dog's noses are fitted to humans, but they do have a problem with spelling.

Herring carts for sale

23 Apr 2008 89
And they also service your ship's diesel engine

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