Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Stair walking for the Stick family

A visit to Artis (Amsterdam zoo): live wire to kee…

21 Oct 2006 91
The quotation marks are superfluous. This was my first time ever in Artis. When I was young I used to go to Dierenpark Wassenaar, another zoo near The Hague, now closed.

Crumple zone testing area ahead

22 Oct 2006 67
Mr. Stick goes out for a drive.


De poes moet buiten blijven!

Mr. Stick takes a taxi

Danger, you might lose your leg

Winkelplezier in al zijn facetten

Old Stop Sign

In the Royal Navy museum

29 Dec 2006 56
Just in case you were wondering where the introduction film was.

I visited a registered museum in Laren

27 Jan 2007 109
I worried a bit, because of all the unregistered museums I visited. God knows what happens there.

We want to live quietly too, just like the mayor a…

15 Feb 2007 83
Protest sign in front of a house. The spelling is not entirely correct.

The army museum is under electronic watch

No stop sign on the ground

Sign of the Forbidden Road

31 Mar 2007 84
The road doesn't seem to care that it is forbidden, it just keeps on being a road. The Hoogheemraadschap is the water management authority. They were founded in the 12th century and are older than the Dutch state itself. They were the first democratic institutions of the Netherlands.

Keep left everywhere

The eye is to the right

He is safe, but he doesn't look happy

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