Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Holiday day 4: popular sign, usually meaning that…

Holiday day 4: wheelchair users can go both ways

Holiday day 5: Popular sign in Italy

07 Jun 2007 94
It shows rather well the lack of queueing skills of the Italian car driver.

Holiday day 5: Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

07 Jun 2007 136
Sign for popular food in these parts. Coca-Cola has become popular in Europe after the Second World War. This pass is quite impressive: 2504 meter at his highest point and about 40 turns; about 12 kilometers climbing at 12% and then about 12 kilometers of descent at the same percentage. I climbed it in second gear and I could really feel the heat coming from the engine and gear box. Engine temperature wasn't raised during the climb, low outside temperature and high circulation and cooling from the high revs kept it down. The Großglockner people seem to think this pass is ideal for oldtimers . They speak of "gentle gradients". I wonder if they are talking about the same pass. You have to pay toll for using this road: € 26 for a car.

Watch out for low-hanging cameras

Hellaas verwijdert

Protest against a proposed terrace

05 Jul 2007 86
Squatters occupy a large building on the Hooglandsekerkgracht in Leiden. They organise some activities in that building, including since recently a bar. The squatters want to expand their activities by making a terrace, but that is a bridge too far for the neighbours. This is a protest sign hung on the window of one of the neighbours, with the squatters's building visible in the reflection. See also: (in Dutch).

Steam Festival in Simpelveld (Limburg)

Bismarck Tower: Aachen

08 Jul 2007 82
"Bismarck tower of Aachen will be one hundred years old on June 22, 2007. A centenary which knows no celebration!"

Bismarck Tower: Aachen

Don't buy a Packard Bell computer and certainly do…

14 Jul 2007 66
"Call me for the whole story." Sign seen hanging in a parked car

Philips. Triumph of Technology

Text on the monument for Justus Dirks

27 Jul 2007 90
Text in Dutch: "Hulde aan de nagedachtenis van Justus Dirks Hoofdingenieur 1e Klasse van de Waterstaat Eerstaanwezend Ingeneur bij de Amsterdamsche Kanaal Maatschappij ---- Aan zijne technische leiding is het Noordzeekanaal voor een groot deel te danken. Bij tal van andere belangrijke werken in ons land en daarbuiten heeft hij eveneens den naam van den Nederlandschen ingenieur hoog gehouden. ----- 1825-1886 -----" English translation: "Honour to the remembrance of Justus Dirks, Chief Engineer 1st Class of the Public Works. First Engineer of the Amsterdam Canal Company. It is mainly thanks to his technical direction that the North-Sea Canal was completed. And at numbers of other important works in our land and abroad he had kept the name of the Dutch engineer high. 1825-1886"

Mr. Stick falls in the water

Mr. Stick flees to the dunes

New scheme to combat traffic jams to the beach on…

04 Aug 2007 79
The idea is that you park your car far away from the beach and that a free bus service takes you to the beach on a special designated lane on the road to the beach. On this first day of summer, the bus didn't go.

Faceless yellow man presses a button

Oldtimer Day Ruinerwold: Oil advice for the Panhar…

18 Aug 2007 85
SAE 30 for below 10 degrees Celsius and SAE 40 for above 10 degrees Celsius.

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