Kiev: Plaque to commemorate Karl Liebknecht


Whisky „Black & White„

„Gonzalez„ Port & Sherry

Dancing the Hokey-Cokey is not allowed

We have to stay outside

Know your fire-extinguisher

Enamel signs: Speak here

Enamel signs: Verger's house of the Evangelical Lu…

06 Jul 2008 86
One of the many denominations in the Netherlands, although most protestant churches have now united in the Protestant Churches of the Netherlands (PKN).


Cooking instructions for spaghetti

16 Jul 2008 90
In rather curious Dutch. "De Spaghetti in een groote pot bij rase koking met gemakkelijk gezouteene water koken. Met een vork weer omroeren, om de garen te schneiden. Dan de koking wegvoeren. Enige garen na 9 minuten proberen. Door een vermicellizeef of zeef aftiegen en opdissen."

Cathodic protection

Street sign in old spelling

20 Jul 2008 78
The spelling changed in 1934 and in 1947, so the sign must at least be made before 1947.

Fortis advertisement

Free parking zone for bicycles for about a meter.

The Baker's Guildhall 1746

31 Jul 2008 76
Stone in a house along the Langebrug (Long Bridge) in Leiden

Mysterious "Ren" sign on a bridge in Leiden

31 Jul 2008 82
I found another one on the Langebrug, see the note here:

Old footpath sign

03 Aug 2008 55
Because of the changing times this sign has acquired a different meaning: instead of an innocent picture of a father and child some people think this is a child molester abducting a child. The new EU-standardised sign shows Big Human Being and Small Human Being who don't hold hands.

Nordic-walking sign

03 Aug 2008 56
Quite a dashing figure, including a visible behind ;-) I wonder how much time it will take for the European Union to standardise this sign, so that the nordic walkers can walk all over Europe without the fear of getting confused because of the different signs.

Some shots from around the new office: Old sign re…

04 Aug 2008 65
I saved this sign, it is now in my office.

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