Today is a special day because my old friend Mickey is celebrating his birthday. I'm sure you all are aware of this fact anyway, but I just wanted to say Happy birthday to him and to thank him so much for being such an incredible friend to me these past 6 years.

We have talked to each other every night for nearly all of that time - at least over 5 and a half years and how we always manage to find things to talk about for an hour each day is just amazing. We tend to sort out the state of the country in that hour and then someone comes along in the night and puts it back in the awful state again. LOL.

On 2nd July he has threatened to come and stay with me for around 10 days or so - so I'm compiling a long list of jobs that need to be done and maybe as a treat, every now and again I'll take him on jaunts across Devon and Cornwall [if he fancies Cornwall] to see places he's wanted to visit. I know Dartmoor is on the list, because he's read Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and some of his books take place on Dartmoor. So we will be posting some pictures of our outings on here later on. Mandi has left me her car so we will be able to go as and when we like to wherever we like. Should the car develop any trouble, Mickey's a mechanic so there'll be no need to call up the Rescue people.

Anyway yet again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKEY - I do hope you have a wonderful day. xxxx