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  • What an incredible sight - taken from Yashi

    This is another photo taken by my daughter of her view from the beach near her home. Looking towards Dacha and the Mediterranean. How beautiful is this view?

  • Yashi beach

    This is a picture my daughter took of the beach near her - it takes about 2 minutes to walk there from her house. The land in the far distance is Kos, Greece - another country as well as another continent!!! She's so happy in Turkey and considers it her h…

  • The mombretia in my garden

    I have so many of these plants in my garden - I actually give clumps of the corms to anyone who wants some. I do love this plant however, the bright orange flowers are wonderful against the green foliage. The plants tend to start flowering in July and oft…

  • Westward Ho! beach

    I think the tide was on its way in, judging by the amount of dry sand on the beach. The tide actually goes out further than this - it's a very long walk if you just want to paddle!!!! The beach is lined by a pebble ridge, which every year, there is a sort…

  • Gorgeous flower on Samos

    This was one of the flowers I loved in Greece. They were growing in pots, so I don't think they were wild.

  • This is North Devon countryside

    I was driving towards Ilfracombe from Bideford, and I saw this amazing view looking down the valley towards the river.

  • A panorama of Northam Burrows

    This is part of Northam Burrows and somehow the Royal North Devon Golf Club has some of its 18 hole green there!!! There are plenty of rough areas to get stuck in!!!!

  • A sunset taken from the sand dunes

    One evening I went to Westward Ho! and went amongst the sand dunes when I realised it was going to be a lovely sunset. You need clouds to make a really good sunset, but as there weren't any around, I thought the reeds and grasses would help.

  • A very inelegant Tippi

    This is Tippi who was Pippin's sister. She only lived for just over a year and I miss her terribly. She was such a character. Fearless, very loving, always running up to me to be cuddled, and always seemed to get into awkward situations. This is one of my…

  • Glorious apple blossom

    Apple blossom to me is one of the most beautiful of all flowers. I'm so lucky to have 3 apple trees in my garden and the blossoms look different because they're different kinds of apples. This is my favourite and yet it's the crab apple (a not so beautifu…

  • A fantastic sculpture of a stag

    This and many other sculptures were life size. They were dotted around all over Rosemoor, one of the National Gardens. Whoever the sculptor was, his work was tremendous.

  • A very obliging fly.....

    He stayed on the buttercup for quite a long time which enabled me to take a close-up of it.

  • It does look better infront of the mirror

  • I've tried my best to replicate it

  • Beautifully wrapped

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