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Slide with Jocassee

A popular feature of the iPhone is "Live Photos" whereby a still is taken with a short .mov file attached. You can look at the photo, or hold your thumb or finger on the photo on your screen and watch the picture "come alive" with the video tied in… - See all videos
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Things I've learned from having a heart attack - 7 years ago

Here are just a few things that I believe I've learned from my recent heart attack. While I feel great (best I've felt in about ten years), I guess it's time I stop and reflect about what's just happened to me. Two weeks ago, I could have told you I was in perfect health and didn't take any medications. The fact is, you "are what you eat." I've been consuming greasy fast-food for probably close to 37 years now (since I left home in my early 20's), and it finally caught up with me. Watch y…

  • Just a recommendation...

    - November 28, 2013
    Did you know that Kodak invented the digital camera? And have you ever commented before that when you took a shot it was so great that you didn't have to do anything to it? Maybe you even said (as I have done before) that it was "straight out of camera." Here's some great educational info from Rick Simpson!

  • A Crazy American's Viewpoint...maybe

    - October 16, 2013
    How true, how true!
    I'm amazed that almost everyone seems to have the opinion that his opinion is as good as anyone's opinion. So...are all opinions equal? Asked another way, is the crazy opinion of the village idiot, based on pure nonsense, equal to the opinion of a responsible, well-informed citizen- one who has thoroughly weighed all the facts before opening his mouth to share his well-thought-out position? In the name of "tolerance" are we to listen with eagerness to and embrace the idea of some crazy loon?…

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 Gregory Garrett
Gregory Garrett club
Thanks, Stephan! I'm enjoying viewing your photos as well! You've got some excellent pictures, and I'm fascinated by the story of the church tower in the water! :)
5 days ago.
 Stephan Fey
Stephan Fey club
Very nice family of yours, Gregory! Looks like loads of fun! Thank you for adding!
5 days ago.
 Frank Merla
Frank Merla club
There was only a little effort to reinstall Esperanto. The Team added a translation-app to Ipernity. For most of the people that is enough. And esperantists stay away or almost do not abolish their profiles.
11 days ago. Edited 11 days ago.
 Gregory Garrett
Gregory Garrett club
Is there a way someone could take it on as a project to have an Esperanto translation/version again? One thing for sure (and you just said it too), the people are much friendlier here, and they really do seem to care about the members and making the service better. Flickr just seems to be about hype and trying to sell you things.
11 days ago.
 Frank Merla
Frank Merla club
I have been a member of ipernity before until die Esperanto version was abolished. I left ipernity with many other Esperanto speakers. But the structure of ipernity allows better social media than other platforms. So I came back and I am glad how friendly I am accepted here. Thanks a lot!
12 days ago.

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