I'm amazed that almost everyone seems to have the opinion that his opinion is as good as anyone's opinion.

So...are all opinions equal? Asked another way, is the crazy opinion of the village idiot, based on pure nonsense, equal to the opinion of a responsible, well-informed citizen- one who has thoroughly weighed all the facts before opening his mouth to share his well-thought-out position? In the name of "tolerance" are we to listen with eagerness to and embrace the idea of some crazy loon? Should we listen just because someone made the (theoretical) claim that "all opinions are equal" ? Yes, this is America (at least where I live), and everyone has the right to his opinion, but not all opinions are right- nor are they equal. Two diametrically opposed/contradictory opinions by definition can't possibly both be right. Someone is right and someone is wrong, and don't try to twist Matthew 7:1-2 to mean that I can't judge the competent from the crazy, fact from fiction, or sage advice from foolish babbling.

So, I'm asking again...doesn't anyone base his/her opinion on facts anymore? Are all opinions to be based on raw emotion without any regard to the actual facts or circumstances surrounding a topic or issue? I guess to some "tolerance" means that an idiot's and a wise man's words are to be equally considered, but I have to strongly disagree.

Meanwhile, while on the topic of idiocy... I've heard a lot of stupidity coming out of mouths of high-ranking Washington officials in the past, but this week has been a chart-topper on both sides of the aisle. I never thought I'd live to see the day when those who stood in the way of allowing the government to borrow more money than it can repay be declared "evil" or "unpatriotic" and those who support giving the government a blank check to race off the financial cliff without hesitation (throwing our grandchildren and future generations into future generations of debt) be declared "heroes." We live in a backward world. May God have mercy on the idiots in Washington... and on us, for electing such idiots in the first place. I guess we're getting what we deserve. And that's my well-thought-out opinion... with a little emotion mixed in for good measure.

May everyone have a great and restful week, despite the lunacy around us! :)