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The historical quarter of Diyarbakır was under siege of security forces for more than three months and restricted to habitants&visitors. There were fierce battles between the special forces of police&military and kurdish rebels -with many casualties. These photos are showing the non-restricted part in the ending phase of the siege.

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A town with ca. 130.000 inhabitants (before the curfew&operation), district of Şırnak, Southeastern Anatolia (region of Kurdish population). Photos after the operation of Turkish special forces & military and battles with Kurdish rebels.

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Failures, incompliances, misunderstanding, anachronism and interpretations about human behaviour.

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On the road to the cliff - 9 months ago

My country is in a very critical phase of developing a process of collective suicide. Because the subject is not an individual but a whole society -which actually is not "a" society but many hostile societies in the same framed part of the universe- this is not a simple decision but a complex process. There is a lot of killing and terror (with the widest possible meaning of the word). Racism is not a danger but a reality which poisons everything: the souls, minds, relations, life... and prepares…

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