My country is in a very critical phase of developing a process of collective suicide. Because the subject is not an individual but a whole society -which actually is not "a" society but many hostile societies in the same framed part of the universe- this is not a simple decision but a complex process. There is a lot of killing and terror (with the widest possible meaning of the word). Racism is not a danger but a reality which poisons everything: the souls, minds, relations, life... and prepares the foundation for a life under fascism with a newer style and look and with traditional militarism.
So please take a look at my photos from the war zone (the album "Cizre_March 2016") which actually are too "clean" to reflect the reality. Because it is inappropriate here (in ipernity) to call people for action I won't and cannot do this, but maybe you can find some ways to help even with the moral power of good wishes or prayers.