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autofantasia club
Wishing You A Merry Christmas ...
6 years ago.
 David Lloyd
David Lloyd
So much of what you write is both personal and open at the same time, I think I wrote my journals as I went through therapy and recovery from childhood sex abuse in the same way, the writing was 'me' thinking out loud, and writing it down slowed down the thinking and forced me to reflect on what I saw on the page or screen in front of me. It's easy to think at breakneck speed, it's impossible to write at the same speed. It forces us to think.
One thing I always do is to never delete or change anything as I go back to it, I always save changes as another version. It makes interesting reading later on.
8 years ago.
 David Lloyd
David Lloyd
What I try to record is the rubbish that is dumped a long way from the nearest road, stuff that has obviously taken some effort to take to the remote spot.
I don't really bother recording the general litter of drink bottles and cans, that would take forever, it's the TV's and mattress' that I find miles from a road that fascinate, and annoy, me. I just can't understand how and why someone can make so much effort to be so antisocial ?
8 years ago.
 David Lloyd
David Lloyd
I enjoyed viewing your photographs a lot, you use the kind of lenses I love so much, and you use them beautifully.
8 years ago.
Frode club
Hi David !

Thanks for adding me as a contact.
Thanks for visit and comments.
8 years ago.

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