"give me your answer .."


.. water birds - Florida US .. wading birds - Florida US .. raptors - Florida US and North Carolina US .. song birds - North Carolina US and some FL, US .. as long as they have feathers .. here they shall be ! © All Rights Reserved

Through the window ..

Cardinal in the White Ash tree .. How brightly those red feathers appear with the winter colors around him .. Taken in 2016 by my daughter when she came for a visit [ from Montana ] "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss

'I heard something' ..

American Robin - stopping to listen - then chirping to let me know "I'm still here" - another step - snack searching

Well ----

Do I have to - stop - listen - search - and get it myself ? Or Are you going to tell me where the best earthworms are? It would be appreciated.. - 1 PiP - ** EXPLORE **

Solo ..

Solo from Mockingbird atop the roof .. Would have recorded him if lawnmowers wouldn't have drowned him out .. 1 Note **EXPLORE**

Concert in a Dogwood ..

Thank you, Mr. Cardinal .. It took me awhile to locate him among the leaves .. But, he was in fine form .. ** 3 PiP ** ** EXPLORE **

Feathered Forecasters ..

" From the first not a thing is." Hui Neng www.taopage.org/huineng From the 'day after it snowed' ... Juncos come in Winter .. some around here call them 'snowbirds' - Since it is so late in getting snow, we thought they might have moved up north --- but, these are our Feathered Weather Forecasters ** 1 PiP ** -- EXPLORE --

Excuse Me ...

Dear Lady with the camera - It is supper time for our little ones - We both have it ready - But you know we will not go to the nest - When you are out here - Please go someplace else - The kids are hungry - .. at least that is my interpretation of Mockingbird-speak .. 1 PiP © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

Only Family ..

Portrait ? Probably .. Neither parent was happy .. I was too close to the 'kids' .. Thought I'd just sort of walk past the nest .. If you've ever seen Mockingbirds upset .. That was it ! They took turns flying up .. White feathers displayed .. And very vocal .. Have seen Mockingbirds attack felines .. When they were just walking in the yard in Florida .. Minding their own business .. I didn't plan on getting attacked .. So, quick shot and I was out of there! All was fine with the Mockingbird Parents then. Oh, but went too close to the House Finch nest that is still under construction .. Poppa Finch was in fine voice ! *** 3 PiP *** © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

Mr R ..

.. perched in a Dogwood tree .. 3 PiP .. no singing this time .. but tonight out back beneath the White Ash there were at least a dozen .. migration is in full swing ! © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE -- This is the Citizen Site where I report visitors in my area .. from Monarchs to Robins and many in between. journeynorth.org/robins/news/spring-2019/03062019-robin-peak-migration-month-begins
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