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Himalaya ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡ हिमालय
Annapurna circuit
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Closer to the top

Closer to the top
Those who never take trekking journey might not know these moments. This is the best part of the journey, you already do not feel any pain, you just walk and walk, enjoy the wide plains. In these moments you just found your inner peace. In these moments you might not take the pictures because it does not matter - to show friends your best moments? you've already clicked the peaks, and then you'll do a final on top. Heh. These parts are for your selves. These parts of journeys are sacred, dreamt, relaxed, filled with inner peace.

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 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Fascinating landscape image !!
5 months ago.
ɱ ƕ club
has replied to Jaap van 't Veen club
Thank you. Please, feel free to share your feelings and opinions.
5 months ago.
 Marta Wojtkowska
Marta Wojtkowska club
I know the feeling :)
I've never been to Himalaya though...
5 months ago.
 Marta Wojtkowska
Marta Wojtkowska club
film forever!
5 months ago.
ɱ ƕ club
has replied to Marta Wojtkowska club
There are at least 4 groups focused on analogue/ film photography- would you talk to the other owners to unify them?
5 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to ɱ ƕ club
Yes there are. Much more than four.
I administer several (inheriting them from original founders after they went away from Ipernity),
I am a member of many others (too many!)
and - I must admit - while I remember their history and contributors - I repeatedly ask myself what can be done about them.
Unifying would be good but it would require not only some consensus among (sometimes elusive) admins but also merging contents, I think. Is it even feasible? I don't know. Maybe I'll ask Sami (GroupBuster Sami (serola)) who recently reached to members of several pinhole-oriented groups with the same issue.
5 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to ɱ ƕ club
Oh, I found you in the GroupBusters group.
And I found the answer - merging not possible now.
5 months ago.
 ɱ ƕ
ɱ ƕ club
Yes, but as an admin you are eable to send mail to all the members, and try to fix it. Perhaps it can only make some people angry and disgusted so it's better to do nothing. I do not have really simple answer to that.
5 months ago.
Marta Wojtkowska club
has replied to ɱ ƕ club
Well, after heaving read almost everything what was written at
with some splendid arguments / pros and cons of different approaches
I am now reassessing the situation from two separate points of view: one as an admin, second as a member (what I can do as an admin and how I would like be treated as a member).
I am not afraid of people reactions but - to avoid misunderstandings as much as it's possible - my letters to members must be very carefully crafted. It may take some time as - obviously - I am not a native English speaker.
5 months ago.

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