Group: Mountain Scenery


Vu de l'aiguille du midi

Ben Nevis Scotland 26th August 2017

Baden, Frau & Landschaft / Woman & landscape

Albania, The Canyon of Lengaricë

Rio San Juan - Ruta 12

H.H.F. - in Montafon (with PiP)

Tre Cime

fly away

Where you can see the sea from the mountains

HWW….Sax and the city :)


Voisthalerhütte, Alt & neu / Old & new

The lonely hiker

Kawakarpo & Prayer Flags

sotto una nuvola

Albania, The Canyon of Lengaricë

Ça plane pour moi.

Plaun Segnas Sut · (PiP)

hiking along the valley

Albania, Right Bank of the Lengaricë Canyon

Panoramablick vom Kloster Weißenstein auf den Rose…

how fragile we are

looking upstream

Mowing time

Albania, The Caves of the Right Cliff of the Lenga…