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US 101 maintenance (#1037)

US 101 maintenance (#1037)
Far too much of this trip up the NW coast was on roads with significant repair. It's good that we're spending money on infrastructure, but it really makes traffic much worse. Almost every hour I'd encounter a section that was one lane and flag man controlled due to maintenance. Since it was summer and a fair number of travelers, that would mean that traffic would get backed up into long lines of 50 or more cars waiting their turn to go through the one way section. The consequent grouping resulted in long sections of heavy congestion, but if you were lucky and missed getting caught in a group, there would be pleasant open road.

Depending on our level of frustration, Robin and I often follow a strategy of taking what we call a "pass-thru penalty." It's a NASCAR term for a penalty that forces a driver to make a slow pass down pit road, which at some tracks causes the driver to lose the pack. If we get irritated enough, we say, "Pass-thru penalty," and pull to the side of the road for 60 seconds to let everybody pass. This works well for a little while, until we get caught up in the next pack.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
I do that quite a bit since the pack, once past the construction, often contains a mix of very slow and people who are willing to risk the lives of everyone. I wonder if anyone has ever done any statistical analysis of the impact of how 'one lane' is handled. I suspect someone knows, but doesn't tell.
2 years ago.