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Coos Bay OR Egyptian theater (#1097)

Coos Bay OR Egyptian theater (#1097)
Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay. The building dates back to 1922, it was originally a garage and service station due to building restrictions in WWI. After the war, and with the 1920's fascination with Egypt, it was converted into the Egyptian theater. It closed in the mid 2000's but fortunately was saved from destruction. Unfortunately, I did not get to go inside. The following webpage contains picture of a quite glorious inside and a wonderful description of the efforts to preserve it:

Diane Putnam, Mike have particularly liked this photo

That is a very unique sign, glad it was saved. I haven't managed to make it that far south yet but look forward to it when I do.
2 years ago.
Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam
When I was a little kid in Brookings, Coos Bay and Crescent City were as far as I remember traveling. For the annual 4th of July parade in Coos Bay, my dad drove grandpa's logging truck with a gigantic cedar log. I have a currently inaccessible photo of it.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Diane Putnam
That would be an interesting photo to post, a reminder of the economies that created the towns.
2 years ago.
Diane Putnam has replied to Don Barrett (aka DBs…
Yes, I have a lot of that era stored away. Logging was the only economy at the time inland. The coast at least had fishing as a second source.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.