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Lucerne CA defensible space (#1015)

Lucerne CA  defensible space (#1015)
Going up on a short residential street in Lucerne, I was surprised by the number of empty homes (this one appeared to be uninhabited), and by the level of fire risks. California standards are to have 100 feet of defensible space with 30 feet of 'clean and green' around the home. In the 'clean and green' zone all grass should be mowed and any other fuel removed. Multiple homes on this street did not meet those requirements.

On the day that I wrote these comments (8/14/2016), a new fire broke out in Lower Lake forcing evacuations in both Lower Lake and parts of Clearlake.

...but what if you don’t own the land for 100 feet around you? If, like me, your near neighbor is a government agency that NEVER clears the fire hazards?...
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs travels)
Don Barrett (aka DBs…
Ah, the insane tangles in the politics of it all. We've all seen the crazy build up into fire zones, which I suspect is somewhat enhanced by counties wanting the property tax revenues without spending the money for fire protection. On the other hand, the histories of fire suppression have created lots of fuel. With politics reaching the point where opposite sides don't talk, there ends up being no solution.
2 years ago.