Posted on 12/06/2009

Photo taken on December  4, 2009

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rhythm is rhythm

rhythm is rhythm
we've located the source of the signal, sir.
what've you got?
it's coming from the 3rd moon of saturn.
yeah? what's it say?
it seems to be a set of instructions.
instructions? to who?
to an invasion force, sir.
what? where?
well, uh, here, sir. earth. and the orders are to mobilize immediately. all 14,000 divisions.
holy shit! where are they staged?
we've narrowed it down to a 2-block area of detroit.
detroit? why detroit?
well, it's a known hot-bed of alien activity, sir.
it is?
like that green building over there? it's not architecture. it's an exo-skeleton.
you mean. . .
the building is an alien, sir.
damn, what an awesome concept.
yes, it's way cool sir.

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cool picture! its always fun to read your stories :-)
8 years ago.
-look, it's giving me a wink
-...I like that beautiful exo-skeletoned alien too
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
you should,
since you're cousins.
8 years ago.
Ha ha...after your story, the photo is 100 better!

And it was good to start!
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to MeowMeow
thanks MM
8 years ago.
mo |
mo |
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to mo |
. . . over the rainbow
8 years ago.
mo | has replied to honeyj
that one's too simple --

give me another one ,
something more like
" rythm is rythm -
somewhere ... eggheads are square ! "
8 years ago.
say, you are pretty good at that.
you must be a poet.
did you know it?
8 years ago.