Benefit of the Snout

Detroit City

safe house

05 Jun 2008 12 1 2070
watcha wanna do today, marty? I dunno, mikey. watchoo wanna do? wanna steal some h-bomb secrets? again? nah, I can't. mom says I gotta be home. yeah. me too I guess. tomorrow though? ok, sure.

scene of the crime

07 Mar 2010 14 16 2271
police line. no crossing. I just want to know what happened in there. I can't disclose that. it's too awful. c'mon. give me something! I'm a reporter! worst case I ever saw. that's all I can say. did they catch whoever did it? they know. but they don't care. what? what do you mean? I mean, a crime took place, and nobody cares. was anybody hurt? you could say that. where's the body? you're lookin' at it. what? that? the building? like I say. worst case I ever saw. I think I may agree with you.

brand loyalty

26 Jul 2008 3 3 808
I see 'em boss. 8th floor. who's there? it's rico and louie. really? what are they doing here? they only work the tampa area. gotta be a hit, right? that's what they do. so one of our clients decided not to use us, I guess. so it seems. loyalty means nothing anymore. gee. it makes me kinda sad. me too. in an unemotional stone killer kind of way. yeah, that's what I meant. for sure.

shock treatment

17 Feb 2010 3 679
edna, do you know where I packed the battery acid? it's in your other bag, stanley. how about the jumper cables? hmmm, I don't know. all I have here is the wet suit. dammit, edna! well, I'll just call room service. I'm sure they can run some up right away. they better. my nipple rings are tingling already. ooh, you devil.

room service

04 Jul 2009 1 649
stanley? are you awake? I am now dear, what is it? I'm hungry. could you make me a little something? but edna. it's 4 o'clock in the morning. I know, but I need something. what would you like? oh, nothing fancy. you choose. oh, ok. and give the cat some food too, will you? the cat? I don't like eating in front of her.


07 Mar 2010 3 5 1500
sir! sector 9 is not secure! unacceptable, sergeant. you hear me? yes, sir! you go room by room if you have to. right, sir! you flush out the enemy. we do not retreat. not now. not ever. got that? got it, sir! and watch where you aim those paintballs. sir? I just got this outfit back from the cleaners, and do not want it dirty. they did a nice job, didn't they? yes sir! awesome, sir!


28 May 2011 3 5 723
why'd you call it excalibur? isn't it obvious? not to me. it's battle-hard, handed down from generations before. but it's not a sword. no, it's not. get over it. what would king arthur say? he'd say, can I drive it? yeah, he probably would. damn right.

secret mutant experimental lab

20 Apr 1972 1 1312
master, I think we've been spotted. what? impossible! I've taken every precaution. perhaps, master, yet. . . out with it, igor! well, remember when we moved here from new jersey? and you wanted someplace secluded, surrounded by beautiful trees? yes. well, master. it's these windows. what windows? master, it's a greenhouse! anybody can see in! impossible! we failed to take that into account, I'm afraid, along with the fact that we happen to be in the middle of a rather large city .a most unfortunate by-product of clear glass. how did that happen? strange, isn't it? but now the press has been calling for you day and night. it has? and what have you told them? oh nothing, master. but your interview is set for tomorrow. interview? heavens! you better make me an appointment with my stylist. of course. in the meantime, shall I prepare the next human subject? by all means! that's what we do, isn't it? indeed, master. I'll just ask the gawkers at the windows to, you know, move along. good idea. see if any would like to, you know, volunteer. we're running low on corpses. I mean, subjects. yes, master.

cell meeting

03 Jan 2009 1 1 963
who chose this place for our meeting? I did. it's nice, eh? yeah, now I see why my party dues went up. we are united with the people, comrade. obviously only the best people.


09 Oct 2008 4 8 1016
well, it's finally finished. what's finished? my masterpiece. just look at it. it's. . . monumental. hey! you didn't paint that, you fraud! diego rivera did that! I know that! you think I don't know that? I'm not talking about that! what then? this. see? what? it's just an empty coffee cup. right! I finished it! and I hate coffee! I gotta hand it to you. you've got guts. to finish my coffee? no. to waste my time on your bullshit.

body snatchers

05 Feb 2006 13 8 2157
they're all loaded. good. hit the road. we've got a lot of deliveries tonight. yeah. fresh pods. for fresh humans. they'll never know what happened. right. they're asleep. asleep and unaware. ok, get going. we still have work to do. by next week, this planet will be ours. go on. we're not done yet.


02 Feb 2008 1 1014
you know there's rats in there. yeah? what's your point? I wouldn't wanna work in a place has rats. so don't. they don't bother me none. give me the creeps. thing is, the guys are looking for a 4th for poker. oh, well, that would make a difference. that's how I look at it.


09 Dec 2007 4 3 856
this is where we're meeting gino? yeah. and the boss says don't be late. geez, it's huge. where we meetin' him? I dunno. first we gotta figure out how to get in. yeah, there ain't exactly a valet. no room service either.

sensory deprivation

05 Jul 2009 6 3 1054
watch our backs. there's nobody here, man. they're here, all right. I can feel it. what if they catch us? too horrible to consider. they're that bad? hey, they're not human, remember? where do they come from? don't know. but their tentacles give me the creeps.

our leader

05 Jun 2008 4 2 983
o fearless leader, we bow to your magnificence. bow all you like, slave. I'm hungry. where's my cookies? your sycophant, marvin, ran out to the store for some. well he better get back here soon. I have a craving. we worship your cravings, o horrible one. speaking of which, where's what's her name? you mean, sally, lord? yeah, her. get her over here. tell her to wear that cute little number. you know, the one I like. with the polka dots? yeah. oh man, it's totally irresistible. and goes perfect with cookies. if you say so, o voracious one.


21 Jan 2007 9 2 1172
private, set up a checkpoint. that's enemy territory. don't let anyone get by you. no one sir? absolutely no one. not even the general? he's over there, waving at us. the general? with the enemy? shall I let him cross, sir? of course, private. and don't bother me with questions again. I hope there's no more generals over there. me too.


09 Dec 2007 3 926
we are over the target city, sir. ok. open the bomb bay doors. bombs away. you sure this is the target? what do you mean? you think those are buildings down there? aren't they? oh what the hell. let's get outta here.

inner sanctum

04 Jul 2009 3 683
you sure we're supposed to be in here? no, but be quiet. they'll hear you. what is this place? it's their temple. where they decide the fate of the world and everyone in it. nobody's ever seen it. you mean, we're the first? yeah, there's supposed to be riches galore in here. what about food? they got any here? I'm starved. I hear they make awesome cookies. yeah? you have big pockets? grab all you can.

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