Posted on 12/31/2009

Photo taken on March  1, 2015

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hey, vinny, I don't like the looks of this place.
relax, would ya? nobody here but some stiffs.
that's what's spookin' me. it's creeping me out.
don't be such a pussy. we'll wait til joey gets here.
then what?
then we whack him, whaddya think?
can you think of a better place?
but it's so dank and misty. anybody could be here.
I'm telling ya, everybody that's here is dead. d.e.a.d.
what was that noise?
I didn't hear nothin'.
jesus, vinny! that gravestone is moving!
aw, you're nuts. . . hey. it is moving! what the fuck?
there's something coming outta that thing! what is that?!
shit!! stand back. it's about to feel my lead.
don't shoot it! my god! there's dozens of 'em. everywhere!
I say let joey have 'em. let's get outta here.
what'll the boss say?
I'll take my chances.

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i like the athmosphere!
8 years ago.
-I feel the rip between r.i.p. and paradise
-maybe I'll try to stay alive...for a while
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
I would appreciate that, if you don't mind.
it's much more interesting having you around,
on this side of the veil of tears.
8 years ago.
Duolith has replied to honeyj
8 years ago.