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'60 corvette

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Photo replaced on July 18, 2015
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time machine

time machine
lord, may I interrupt?
what is it now, archangel?
I just thought you'd like to go for a ride.
excuse me?
yeah, in my new chariot.
you still collecting those things?
oh yes. and this one is extra special, lord.
how so?
check it out. it's red, and it's fast.
how fast?
fast enough to take you decades back in time.
hmmm. a time machine, eh?
yes, lord, as only detroit could make them.
one of my favorite places, detroit.
me too, lord.
ok, archangel. drive, but for god's sake, watch out where you're going. we don't need to get a ticket.
don't worry. I have friends on the PD.
I am not surprised.

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