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  • Loading dock

  • Lonesome Ford

  • What's going on there?

  • Oops

    Don't leave snow in your truck overnight! Dangerous project.

  • Big bread

  • Franz

    The truck is being charged.

  • Bread van

  • Package

    Yay! My creamy, luscious soap is here! Traditional Aleppo soap making, fascinating to watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhledfZqvew

  • Aleppo soaps

    Syrian soap makers have largely moved to Jordan, Turkey, France and Germany. The cities (mainly Aleppo) in which they have manufactured olive oil soap for hundreds of years are deadly and largely destroyed. en.qantara.de/content/aleppo-soap-balsam -from…

  • It's Valentine's day...

    ...time to bring out the labored word-play and eat a box of candy! One of several cards my mother had saved, given to her by her older sister. Maybe early 1940s.

  • Let's relax...

    ...at Grandma's house.

  • Two dashing girls

    As you see, we finally have some serious snow. It will be snowing for about two more days. (I don't LOVE snow, I just know we need it.)

  • Girls on the run

  • California quail

    They move around like a little military unit, making startled sounds. They also remind me of a group of panicky girls who have seen their teen idol down the street. About 20 of them visit and they like to hide under cars and bushes to regroup between das…

  • Loner

    Deciding which way to run.

  • The sign on the chair...

    ...says FREE S__T.

  • Extension

    That's a lot of trouble for an additional 15" in part of a garage wall.

  • Alley wall

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