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  • White tailed doe

    Her baby was under the tree, eating grass.

  • Grazing on leaves

    Bottom panel: the baby's white rear end and tail can be seen to the right of the mother's ear. The darkness was an accident. They were really much darker, but I was able to add enough light to make them look decent.

  • Toy camera debris

    Toy camera effect, not a real one. .....

  • Malin Park

  • Wraith

  • Malin Park

  • Apparition

  • Raining coins

  • Night facade I

  • Night facade II

  • Night facade III

  • "Mmm, something smells good..."

    Opal the Border Collie.

  • Ordering

    1. "Excuse me. I'd like to order..." 2. "OK, let's see - I'll have the Puppy Patty and a carrot." 3. "I'll just wait right here." ______________________ The greenish tinge of the strip that separates the photos is going to drive me NUTS! As I was adjusti…

  • Green dress

    I was walking as fast as I could to catch up with her. She could barely walk, herself, but her fully crinolined skirt swished back and forth in glamorous fashion.

  • My great-grandmother

    Rose Anna Woods. My mother thinks she was about 19 in this photo, c. 1898.

  • Grape stem I

    For a few months, I've had some orthopedic problems that have made locomotion somewhat difficult. My photos are going to be closer to home than usual until my doc gets it figured out.

  • Grape stem II

    These three are a grape stem re-do, the ones of a week ago were ugly.

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