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  • The Holiday

    Believe it or not, this place is still in operation. Very small, only about six rooms, rented monthly.

  • Old feed & farm supply store

  • Cobwebs

  • Precision I

  • Precision II

  • Suburban deer

    A smaller one is relaxing on the grass under the tree. If you leave your house for a week, or even a day, you might have deer grazing on your grass. I see them often in my neighborhood and once saw two big bucks, about 50 feet away, staring at me late at…

  • Red car

    Per member "1971 Dodge Charger", this is a 1977-79 Ford Thunderbird. I had mistakenly ID'd it as a 1973 Cadillac. Thanks again, Dodge! See his comment below for his link.

  • Town & Country

    Defunct real estate office.

  • Multicolored Ford

  • Stone houses

    Built of various local stone, including obsidian, red and black lava, and sandstone. I believe it was originally a motel, now apartments. (1930s) The second building, in back, is a geometric design of the same stones.

  • Tower of delight

    Old Panoramio shot, 2013.

  • Delicious display

    Old Panoramio shot, 2013.

  • Guide dog in training

    A mix of Great Dane, Yellow Lab, Great Pyrenees and another one I don't remember. That face is Lab, the body is Dane, but I would never guess Pyrenees!

  • Stephanie

    Very large, very sweet and still a puppy! Guide dog in training.

  • Silver Tip Trailer Court

    Beyond that fence, rather seedy and it's been there since the early 1950s. So has that sign, which had a predictable name plastered across it for the 2016 election.

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