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  • Bendy

    Many of my photos are of nothing. This is one of them.

  • Half staff for Sen. John McCain

    A Vietnam War veteran who died August 25th, age 81. He was a war hero and a highly respected Republican Senator of Arizona, beloved by many fellow senators of both parties and by the public. McCain was highly principled throughout his military and politic…

  • Burgers Fries

  • At the Polar Bear

  • Happy cowgirl

  • Ordering hamburgers at the Polar Bear

    My grandson has his Driver's Learning Permit. I have been his teacher for several trips around town, but today we went to a nearby little town called Merrill. He did a great job handling a few minor surprises on the road, which is a crucial part of learni…

  • Puppy patty

    We stopped at the burger stand in Merrill and ate lunch. Brick had his own hamburger.

  • A dog needs a drink

    ...... "I want another puppy patty. May I borrow $2?"

  • Duck and his gerbil girlfriend

    They follow each other around all day. For Duck, it's the Senior Dog Exercise Program. AA261 What do we see or? Granddaughter's gerbil, named Pepper. She is trying to find another one to buy, because they don't like living alone.

  • At last...Godot

    ...... Comparison group. .....

  • Glimpse

  • Cover with landscape

    I think there's a water pump under there. All of this land (plus in other photos of this series) belonged to a large lumber mill & box factory that was built in the very early 1900s. It was demolished many years ago.

  • Secured

  • Cones and sheet webs

  • Big stone

  • Industrial corner

  • Tin Man

    Thanks for this link, Graham! www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3fI0mLz3ks

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