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  • The End

  • Basalt columns

    There is a hill north of town that consists mainly of basalt columns. They are sandstone colored, not the usual black. In my very brief reading about basalt, it seems this kind could be flood basalt, rather than volcanic, although the area has had a few m…

  • The lake

    The boat-looking thing in the lake is an algae-collecting machine. There is a company that harvests, processes and sells the green algae for dubious wellness purposes. (Hahaha - sorry, Andy, I had to mention it.)

  • Little female following mother

    Outside my dentist's window. N. American white tailed deer are small and delicate looking. The young one has big, fuzzy ears...aww!

  • Dental assistant

    This lady wasn't at all nervous about me peering out the window at her. View outside my dentist's window.

  • White tailed doe

    Her baby was under the tree, eating grass.

  • Grazing on leaves

    Bottom panel: the baby's white rear end and tail can be seen to the right of the mother's ear. The darkness was an accident. They were really much darker, but I was able to add enough light to make them look decent.

  • Toy camera debris

    Toy camera effect, not a real one. .....

  • Malin Park

  • Wraith

  • Malin Park

  • Apparition

  • Raining coins

  • Night facade I

  • Night facade II

  • Night facade III

  • "Mmm, something smells good..."

    Opal the Border Collie.

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