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Deer in the oats

18 Sep 2022 5 4 20
I think this is a juvenile buck with his little brother. Bucks don't ordinarily hang out with fawns and there was no doe in sight. Very smoky sky.

Pups in the shade

18 Sep 2022 6 5 16
Smoky sky, hot weather, but they've found a bit of shade.

Rain coming in

24 Aug 2022 24 14 71
There's been a big, persistent fire in that direction, the rain helped a little. However, there was more lightning, which started even more fires to the north of this spot.

Girls on horses

24 Aug 2022 9 3 33
This is a perfect place to grow up for girls who aren't dainty.

Two wild cowgirls

24 Aug 2022 7 3 39
They made special hand gestures that I edited out. They thought it was hilarious. ;-/ Oh well, I did too, but didn't want to post them here!

Coppery evening

24 Aug 2022 8 2 29
Storms coming in, all-night lightning is expected.

Clyde, the galloping mutt

23 Mar 2022 9 14 68
Funny guy! Kind of unruly, but sweet. My grandson came home with a stray the other day (NOT this one). No one was happy about it, as that brought the total up to FIVE dogs, all of which are very active and want to play all of the time. Even my dog-crazy daughter-in-law has had it! Four were too many - five are impossible! So, Travis is finding a new home for the little guy and is very understanding about it. Country living comes with stray dogs. Does anyone else think he looks part mastiff (those legs!), Lab, German shepherd and other things?

A hot, dry farm

19 Aug 2022 6 9 34
I don't know what the white stuff is in the background. Maybe some kind of grain I'm not familiar with...aha! Ask Google and ye shall receive: It's Meadowfoam..."harvested for seed, then crushed for oil and used in cosmetics. The meal, the byproduct from crushing, is used to feed cattle. Bees are used to help pollinate the flower and in return make delicious honey!" From OregonGreen.com. (Elsewhere, I found that it's also used in crop rotation with grains.)

Out in sagebrush country

19 Aug 2022 10 6 38
Always dry, but drier than usual!


29 Aug 2015 10 4 157
An old photo of my granddaughter with her new glasses.

Dark in here

Accidental dog: Clyde

30 Apr 2022 20 15 220
He's a big, goofy puppy. Stephanie and Carley were driving down a country road and this big puppy jumped out of the ditch and sat in front of their car. They drove all over to nearby farms and no one claimed him, so Clyde went home with the girls! He is hilarious and obviously is many breeds in one. Those folded up ears make me think of German shepherd puppies. He has thick legs like a mastiff, crashes into furniture, and has a sweet temperament.

Ernie and Reba

30 Apr 2022 11 7 112
Ernie the miniature cattle dog. Reba the smooth coat border collie.

Rubble series: Mulch Mountain

01 Mar 2022 6 4 119
The outer boundary of the city's compost/mulch processing facility. Very old mulch, piled high. Anyone can drive in and load bags with as much as they want. In my (sadly) bygone garden-crazy days, I would have been a regular visitor. There are different grades - coarse wood fiber for ground cover and fine for the compost piles. There are probably some Canada goose nests on the top that we can't see. They are major contributors to the compost! ;-)

“[W]e are not afraid, we are not afraid of anythin…

04 Mar 2022 44 51 234
A small collage is all I have to offer to the people of Ukraine. I have web acquaintances in Russia and they are afraid. Complete lack of informations makes people afraid. They see demonstrators being beaten by police. They are cut off from legitimate news sources, Their own websites, Youtube channels, etc., have been blocked.


02 Mar 2022 9 6 103
A petition on Change.org. www.change.org/NetVoyne The two young Russian Youtubers I have followed for three years have gone silent. This petition link was on one's Instagram homepage. Of course, Putin will not be paying attention to any of these things, but it is a way to show solidarity with the over 110million people who have signed - most of them young Russians. If you wish, please sign and leave a comment so that they know you are behind them. It is something to do when we feel helpless. Thank you.

Rubble series: equipment

Bleak entanglement

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