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Under an old road grader

24 Feb 2011 3 6 33
Only the grease is eternal.

It will just grow back...

19 Apr 2021 3 2 15
...if it's an elm and the roots haven't been killed in some way. How many decades have to go by before someone notices that a tree is ripping out the fence?

Complexity of love

Cornered love

Sun stripes

06 Apr 2021 12 8 77
Red lava rock.

Auto Detail[ing]

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal

Looking back

06 Apr 2021 10 22 49
Eating my first hamburger in about three years. Today, I went into a store (Bi-Mart) for the first time in one year. I was so excited I couldn't think of anything useful to buy. I chatted with another lady about my age who was thrilled that she had gotten her first salon haircut in over a year. Hooray for vaccines!


06 Apr 2021 4 6 23
One of my "Least interesting photos in the world" photos. I'm thinking of publishing a coffee table book of them.

Shy old girl

19 Mar 2021 9 10 33
I think the man said she's12 or 13 years old. Obviously, she has outgrown her harness!

She wants to know what's in there

19 Mar 2021 1 24
Only Basmati rice and some dried spaghetti. Sorry, Millie.

Millie sniffs the bag

Here's Millie, an old lady

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