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  • Inuit parka

    The Inuit tribes originate in the far north of Canada. Formerly known as Eskimos. Information: firstpeoplesofcanada.com/fp_groups/fp_in uit1.html End of the Trail Museum, near Klamath, California. Most of the objects in this museum are from a private co…

  • Lambert ... Melvin ... Henrietta

  • Follow the path

    The sky is smokey, not cloudy. It's been that way since the first week in July. ;-(

  • Terraced

  • Gated community

  • Family view

  • Sappy new cones

    Picea glauca (White Spruce). The sky is smoke, not clouds. ;-(

  • Picea glauca (White Spruce)

    The new, pale cones have a shiny, drippy coat of sap. The white spruce makes copious bundles of cones.

  • For the unknown

    The inscription: Erected to the memory of the unknown pioneers sleeping here Never any mention of the unknown Native Americans displaced and killed by the pioneers. They made their own cemeteries and memorials, or were buried where they fell.

  • George Nurse

    George Nurse, city father, arrived 1866. 1867 Opened first trading post 1869 Built the bridge across Link River 1878 Platted town and called it Linkville Donated Land for first cemetery First Postmaster Gave the se…

  • Last road

    Linkville Pioneer Cemetery.

  • Corner

  • Boundary

  • Broken

    Coppery edit. ..... For Comparison group. .....

  • Albert Handy, 1881

    I was surprised to easily find out who Mr. Handy was and to learn something I've never heard before: "There had been a time when Merganser, [a settlement] on the west side of the Klamath River, rivaled the Linkville community that later changed its name…

  • Blue grave

    ..... For Comparison group. ..... See previous upload for information about Albert Handy.

  • Menacing practice man

    "Grrrr...I don't need no hands!"

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