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  • Run aground

    ..... Comparison group. ..... The box my new mattress came in.

  • Ceremony

    ..... Comparison group. Top of a big box. .....

  • Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...

    ...BLUE SKY WITH ONLY A TINY BIT OF SMOKE! First time since early July. What fun! Many people were out today just admiring the sky. Oh, and I bought a new laptop and have almost everything transferred from the old one, so I'm up and running again. There…

  • P.O. drive-through

  • Oops, bad aim (PiP for update)

    Holding the camera over my head is usually not a good idea and it didn't work here. I'm going to go back and find a way to get a clear shot of this old Rambler!

  • Rambler, 1958 (PiP for update)

    The AMC Rambler was treated as a joke by young adult and teen drivers in the 1960s. It was an old folks' car and no young person would be caught dead in one! The little space-car-like Metropolitan, on the other hand, was considered so weird it was cool. M…

  • Nash Rambler, early 1960s

    Known as the grandpa car.

  • Wednesday, 2:30 on a dark afternoon

    Just a big field by Lake Euwana. There have been development plans for years, but nothing gets off the ground. The latest scheme was presented to the city by the state, which wants to build a veterans services center there. However, the city and the hospi…

  • Girl with cat

    An old shot, probably 2013, of my granddaughter and my old kitty. He adored her most of all.

  • Pillar

    PiP for bad through-the-windshield photo of the cemetery gate.

  • Apartments I

  • Apartments II

  • Original apartments

    Front of the building, old photo. It was abandoned for a long time and full of squatters. One is standing on the 2nd floor balcony on the right. Someone bought it and it's now rented out as legitimate apartments. I'm here often, because my granddaughter's…

  • Clothing of Plains Indians

    The prairie (or plains) of North America are a vast, largely flat area in the middle of the US and Canada. The many tribes who lived, and still live there, such as the Lakota Sioux, Ojibwe, Plains Cree and Apache were mainly nomadic. The fancy dress was f…

  • Black cloth dress with shell beads attached

    These tubular shells were used by women who were members of lower ranking families. Shells were used by many tribes, but I do not remember where this, or the next one, was made. Landlocked peoples would have acquired shells from white traders.

  • Elk teeth were used by higher rank women

    The items in this museum are a private collection loaned by one couple. Many tribes made shell, teeth & bone decorated dresses and shirts, such as the Pomo, Shoshone, Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Sioux and Pacific Northwest peoples. Here is a stunning old Chey…

  • Dolls of the Plains Indians

    End of the Trail Museum, near Klamath, California. The placard states that the middle doll (3rd from lft) is decorated with Ghost Dance symbols. To read more about the messianic Ghost Dance movement of the late 19th C. plains tribes: tinyurl.com/yc5jcx2p…

  • Sioux men's jackets

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