Boy oh boy has the weather come back again with a vengeance. Today the wind hasn't stopped - and the strength is really bad. You really have to hold onto things otherwise you could be blown over and I really don't want to do that.

Then the rain is horizontal most of the time. That's no fun neither. If I hadn't had to go out to the dentist, then there was no way this side of hell, that I'd have ventured outside.

I skyped Mandi out there in Turkey and she took her tablet out onto the balcony and there was blue sky there and a gentle breeze!!!! She was wearing a strappy top and the door was open to her apartment to let the fresh air into it. Not that I'm jealous or anything!!!! I took my laptop to the lounge window and she could see the weather and said that I should just ring up the dentist and postpone the appointment. It was only for a 6 monthly check-up so that seemed a good idea, then I realised that I have to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment without it affecting my status as a good client. I like my dentist centre, so I don't want to jeopardise my future there............ so I donned warm clothes and set out to the dentist.

I was met outside by the coalman delivering my 4th lot of coal this year. He asked in a very broad Devonian accent if I was in a hurry and off out somewhere. I said that I was hoping to get to the dentist as I had an appointment in 20 mins. He then informed me that he was blocking my driveway because he couldn't get the lorry down the drive due to some of the trees. So I had to wait until he'd finished carrying those heavy bags full of coal. Poor man - he's quite ancient and it surely can't be long before he's too old to be able to carry 50kg of coal on his back.

Anyway I was off to the dentist and ushered into Vincenzo's room. My gorgeous Bulgarian dentist, Ivan Kosev, has gone to Bournemouth with his wife, and so I had a different man seeing to my teeth. He was fine, not terribly good looking and didn't have those dreamy eyes neither, but he was very friendly which was great.

I drove back home with the windscreen wipers on double speed because it was horrendous weather. I must say - this isn't nice to be outside in. So unless something awful happens or the weather gods decide to give us a lovely day - I'm not stirring from my home until Wednesday when I have a hair appointment.

Hope your day has been good and not rough like so many people here in the UK with the flooding and high winds - there again you poor lot in the US how can you keep your spirits up with that snow continually falling? You do realise that it's all a test for us to see if we are good in the face of adversity and we are - aren't we?