It was a lovely day here today - bit of a cold wind, but you can't have everything!!! I dilly-dallied about whether I was going to go out, but the weariness won and I stayed indoors. Trouble is - I can't sit down and relax when there are things that need doing around the house. The carpet in my lounge is a pale gold and as you can imagine - it catches nearly everything that can stain and I'm constantly having to clean the carpet. Well dear little Boo had run around my legs when I was carrying in my coffee and so that was another area that required cleaning.

I hoovered it first, then set to with the vax carpet cleaner. Now somewhere along the line, the bung that seals the shampoo bottle had got either damaged or stuck, but I suddenly noticed that there was big puddle on the carpet that I'd just cleaned - so I sucked it up - only to see that it was still leaking. I took the cleaner out to the hallway because by this time my back was complaining and I needed to sit down to rest it before it got too bad. That took care of 10 minutes and at last my back seemed to be feeling better, so I came out into the hall only to see a lovely large puddle slithering its way down the wooden floor!!!!

By this time the shampoo compartment was empty and I had another spill to clean up. Luckily my mop and bucket was close at hand, so that meant the hallway got washed. So now my carpet is clean again and so is the hallway floor. I hadn't intended on doing either of them this morning and if I'd known that I was going to end up doing a cleaning job, I'd have gone out with my camera.

Apparently the rain and wind are due back again tomorrow, well if they do - then I'll find something to keep me occupied.