Well when I went to go to bed last night, when I went into the kitchen a little face looked down at me from the porch roof. I did say goodnight to him, but hoped he wouldn't be there in the morning.

I went to bed and crossed my fingers that the little one wouldn't be there when I went downstairs or if he was, then at least alive.

He wasn't there!! All the food and water I'd left him had gone and so had he. There were no feathers anywhere, so all I can imagine is that the parents came down and told him how to fly off the roof and get back to them.

In fact this afternoon, which was a very very hot one, I saw two baby gulls flying overhead. I do wonder if one of them was my visitor from yesterday. Whoever they were, they were having the time of their lives swooping and calling to each other.

Ah so now I can sit back and relax. I really did worry about him. Thank you all for your ideas. I had fed him some bread with some cat food mixed in - just enough to keep it from being too hungry.