You remember me telling you that a family of seagulls have designated my four chimney pots as an ideal place for them to have a nest. They've been doing this for years and this year they had three chicks. Normally they fledge without any problems but this year.................

This morning I had a phone call from my neighbour who told me that one of the baby seagulls had fallen from the roof and landed on my porch roof!!

The space it has to fly back up to the roof is very limited indeed.

He is fine just unable to get back up to the nest. It's parents are just sitting ontop of the roof and keeping an eye on it, but not a lot of help otherwise.

I know this sort of thing happens in the wild but I don't know what to do to help him.

Pippin did see him at first and thought it might be something to have a game with but I soon sorted that out and he has kept away thankfully. I rang the RSPCA (Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) but they don't rescue wild birds from a property unless they are hurt! Mind you I didn't speak to a real person, just an automated voice after I'd pressed all the buttons required!!!

I even rang the vet, who said if I could get it up to them they'd get a vet to look it over, but when I explained that it was unhurt, they said there was very little they could do. They gave me a number of someone to ring who might be able to help me, but I've left an answer phone message but nothing yet.

What to do I ask myself? Any ideas?