Some of you will have seen from Mickey that we have bought something that we didn't realise we needed!!!

I was trawling on E-Bay and saw a lovely little tablet - not the medicinal kind - which would help me when I go on holiday. I thought they were in the region of £200 each or thereabouts therefore I'd never considered it. There in front of me were some wonderful Android tablets for £50!!

I looked at what they offered and apart from Skype, e-mail, video and camera, it gives everything a normal laptop does, apart from the fact that there is no disk to insert, so games etc would have to be downloaded. Well - for £65 I bought a 9" screen with a keyboard lid supplied free.

This is what it looks like - the only thing is that someone wrote the instructions manual without a good knowledge of English!!!!! Mickey however is brilliant at working things out, so tonight I'll be on the phone with him and he'll talk it through with me.

Not bad eh? This is going to be brilliant to take on holiday. I can read my books from it and also send photos, e-mails to you lot and maybe even Skype Mickey - he goes through withdrawal symptoms when I'm away and he doesn't have my nightly chats!!! He needs to be sitting down listening to me whitter away and he just puts his odd two penneth in now and again!!! Five years now and we still find loads to talk about every night for an hour, and quite often we are surprised at how quickly that hour creeps up on us. I would Skype him - but I need to be able to go to sleep and the thought of his face being the last thing I'd see before I closed my eyes is enough to give me nightmares!!!! LOL Mind you - the same could be said for him seeing me, but he's probably got a stronger stomach!!!