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Updated on: January 28, 2011.

Abandoned, album created on November 30, 2009

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Renda, album created on October 17, 2008

Years ago, while I was visitin my parents, my mother took me to a place called Renda, not very far from where they lived. It was several houses, not really a village yet, all abandoned years ago. Some roofs had already crumbled, nature already had begun to reclaim the territory. Doors and windows, where still present, were open, so we ventured inside the small houses. Read the full story here.

Luminale 2008, album created on April  8, 2008

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Schadensersatz bei geklauten Bildern im Web - 7 years ago

Interessanter Link, obwohl ich mich nach wie vor Frage, in wieweit das für private Fotografen anwendbar ist: -kopierten-bildern-im-web (Gefunden bei Heise Foto )

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TinyThomas has replied to Tulin
Vielen Dank! Schön, daß Ihr an mich gedacht habt!
6 years ago.
TinyThomas has replied to Silvana Taramasco
Thanks a lot! :)
6 years ago.
Happy Birthday Thomas!!! Wir wünschen dir alles Gute, Gesundheit & viel Erfolg zum Geburtstag!
Schöne Grüsse an die Familie, Küsschen für die Mädels! ;-) Lg, Tülin, Ersin, Vincent & Jayden :D
6 years ago.
bembel ::BK::
bembel ::BK::
alles Gute, viel Glück und Gesundheit im Neuen Jahr :-)
7 years ago.

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