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Updated on: December  1, 2011.

Vestfirðirnir í janúar / The Vestfjörds in January, album created on February  7, 2011

A school trip taken with the purpose of taking pictures :o)

Rocky Horror, album created on January 21, 2011

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Skólaverkefni - Karakterar, album created on June 13, 2010

Pictures I did as a final project in Ljósmyndaskólinn. Almost all of them had beard already but 2 did grow it for me :o) I absolutely love these pictures - they were so much fun to make AND I learned so much from it... Made them 50cm long with white carton and black canvas.

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nice greets and continue making please
new pictures and for future good flights!
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
 Muse muse
Muse muse
remarquable talent! félicitations
6 years ago.
Very nice to be Friends again !! Greetings from Canada !!~~~Crowquiller John
8 years ago.
 Michel Abadie
Michel Abadie
voeux 2013
9 years ago.
 Auto: Focus
Auto: Focus

Blue Umbrella wishes you a happy new year!
10 years ago.

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